The Wall of Delusion.

We are used to believing that our modern world is an advancement in time. We believe media is a good source for looking into the real world. But what we don’t know is that how the media keeps us in a delusion. We believe blindly and follow the trends to fit in. Have you ever stopped and tried to see the entire picture?
  What I mean to say is that there is a wall between who we are and who we pretend to be, but we are too blind to notice it. The sophisticated ones, the ones who learn about the world, they try to change the world in their own way. This is not good all the time. The portrayal of our reality in the entertainment world is just an imagination of some people. When exposed to their imagination, people who don’t possess enough knowledge as them they believe the imaginary world to be the reality. This way we end up creating their imagination into our reality. This I say to imply those people who don’t read and acquire knowledge from entertainment shows and social medias only. They stay completely oblivious of how the real world works. This is the reason for many mental illness. The wall that separates the creators and the followers is thin.
  On the one side of the wall are the controllers who entertain the crowd by telling them what they want. And on the other side of the wall are the ignorant ones who don’t question reality and become a thought. This keeps the one in control in control and the one who follow a thought miserable. We need to understand that learning about history, science, religion, real things, is better than filling our mouths with rainbows.

13 thoughts on “The Wall of Delusion.

  1. you bet, rashidul.huda, and eob2, thank you. An important and telling fact is how the science and powers of the medias are kept secret from us. The advertisers and propagandist know of these tricks, but the general population does not. Of all the news reports and documentaries we have been shown in our lifetimes, how many have been on the subject and science of human weaknesses to media stimuli ? And it is such an interesting subject, too. The fact that it is a hidden knowledge tells me that the powers want to keep the populace ignorant of the ways we are being manipulated. Sadly, these known and studied human weaknesses to sounds, tones, colors, repetition, facial expressions, words, one-sided news reports, half-story history presentations, etc. are used for negative purposes. These tricks are used to create stereotypes of groups, ideas, people, etc. to build division amongst the population, to justify control measures and all sorts of things that are against our welfare.

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      1. remember, eob2, one of the goasl of the media manipulating is to get everybody angry at each other; the races, the religion, the politics. Don’t fall for it! Even though we may be appalled by our president or leaders, we should give them some minimum respect for the office and for the good of the institution of democracy and rule of law ( even though he did not give Obama respect, two wrongs do not make right). Honestly, I have been disgusted at both parties ( including the alternative 3rd parties) for decades. The issues and causes that each party claims to champion seems to be designed to split the vote, the people. Ultimatly, none of our concerns and problems are ever solved. And the “journalist”, news industry, entertainers, politicians help hold-up these phony fascades. Either they themselves have fallen for the flim-flam, or, they knowingly participate. I have known since I was a kid, I’m 54, that the news and medias are orchestrating the news and debates to cause dis-union, stereotypes, and, that this was the # 1 issue of all our problems, as rashidul.huda says, it is about the concept of truth. I have never seen 1 politician, from any party, not 1 late-night comedy show, ever, give this issue and problem the concern it deserves, not 1. President Trump talks of the issue, yet, he is completely WRONG and misleading about it, which has made the problem even worse, muddying the waters even more. Don’t worry, though, there is a higher authority who is observing these wrongs and lies that are fed to us, and it is God. We are at a point where we are powerless against these wrongs, and it has been prophesied that at the end times, the truth will be under attack. God and His Son, Jesus are about ready to put the kibosh on this horrible world we built. See the findings at my website that shows the first steps to the end of evil on Earth. Remember to show love and respect to our leaders that God has put in place ( maybe He put them there for their ability to change their ways, admit their wrongs. He also may have put them there because they are bad, and will make mistakes that God wants to have happen. We do not know). Behave like Jesus told us to: forgive, have understanding, love one another, be kind to each other. Thanks for the platform, rashdul.huda !
        sorry it took so many words !

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      2. Forgiveness is not easy. It is to forgive those that are misguided, not so easy to forgive those who knowingly to harm to others. We all answer in judgement day indeed.

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  2. I think many of your readers realize there is something wrong with the message they are getting from the mainstream and entertainment media. I tried switching to alternative sources of information, but these contain their own distortions.
    In the end we must all learn to trust our own abilities to look and learn from looking. But too many of us are not willing to take that much responsibility for ourselves. For many, the situation seems too hopeless, and has looked that way for a long time. I would be among them if I were not aware of a better way.
    Even the information I trust the most on the internet (and it has only been available there for the last two years) is “cleaned up” a bit due to financial limitations and the desire to show a good face. But at least we can now find, if we are interested and really want to find it, a source of data that rises a bit above the rest and begins to make life more understandable.

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  3. Some are so attached to their personal “vision” of reality, they’ll suffer a personality crash\existential crisis if they were to confront to what’s *ACTUALLY* real.

    Scary stuff.

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  4. It’s a unique situation. Personally nothing has changed as I am older and disabled and a hermit by choice. However when I was younger and fit, if there was some kind of emergency, I was always much better dealing with it if I could be part of what was happening, rather than a spectator. I think a lot of people are frustrated at being unable to do anything to help. There are things, like donating money and staying in touch, but I mean physical things.
    People who are complaining need to remember for example WW2. My parents were in London, being bombed night after night. People they knew just vanished out of their lives, food and everything else was short and the future was very unpredictable. They knew when it was over things would never be the same, no matter who won. Then there are people who lived through the rape of Cambodia by the Khmer Rouge, well you know how many of those situations there have been, still are….the current situation has been coming for a long time. Something had to happen to make society (Western society) sit up and pay attention and re-evaluate. I only hope they do it this time. I can’t say I have much optimism and I am glad I have no children. Pretty glum….sorry. Stay safe.

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