A thought popped in my mind.

Earlier people used to believe in God to take them wherever He wanted. Nowadays people don’t believe in anything and hope to end up wherever they are supposed to. I don’t question your intelligence.

7 thoughts on “A thought popped in my mind.

  1. the concept of god and the belief in it is driven by the incapability of mankind to explain the full world. god is used to fill the gaps. this is why the concept of god is changing.

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  2. But what’s God, really?

    An entity?
    Your coveted purpose?
    A lie?

    I’m recently trying to find out myself. Before i didn’t even bothered. Funny how we constantly change.

    Nice little slice of text, man! really made me think.

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    1. What is God? all three of those. Inherited belief or spiritual relief. I think to some religion is a lifestyle, which steers them away from spiritual absence, which curses much of society today. Jung argues that the modern individual must look to the forces within, for answers to the spiritual problems which plague them.

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