I came to a realisation today: how the digital world keeps us in a delusion.

The digital world or the internet presents the world in a way that matches our imagination, our thinking. It paints us a picture that we want in our actual life. The digital world is exciting, it is fun, it is mesmerizing; and so we try to make that digital world a reality by accepting it as the reality.
  We smile as we see the actors smile; we find it attractive so we think if we do it others will find it attractive too. We see them wearing beautiful clothes; we find them pretty and handsome so we wear them to be attractive as them. We watch shows and we become a personality we like thinking others will like us for the personality too. This is ruining our true selves. We are becoming a copy; someone else’s thought, and we don’t even know who we are or what we want. We live to impress.

18 thoughts on “I came to a realisation today: how the digital world keeps us in a delusion.

  1. Screen sickness
    I once looked out the window of a dentist office, awaiting my name to be called. I saw a mother & child on their phones, not speaking to one another. I watched a woman walk in. She stood for an entire minute staring at the t.v. playing behind me. As soon as she mustered the strength to take her eyes from the t.v., she signed in, sat, & remained zombified before her phone. There’s a real life to live. Moderation is needed.

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  2. There is nothing and nobody perfectly original in human societies. We should understand the difference between representations that are worth emulating, and unworthy objectives. Personally, whether in real life or in the digital world, shallow personalities have always failed to impress me. Cheers.

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  3. This tendency has been with us for a long time. But smartphones and TV put it in our faces as long as we are using them. You can always just switch it off, but I guess people feel like they might “miss something important.” Hey, remember: Your life is important, too!

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  4. Spot on!!! I can’t agree with you more!

    And the worst is actually the creepiest urge to follow the *most followed* and remain in the herd, to accept and adapt! Actually, to adapt and accept! *sigh*

    The interesting things and the innovation actually lies far away and further from it!

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  5. This is deep, more and more I’m discovering what catches our eye is in some form a reflection of who we are. It’s rebel like to be ourselves when it’s become almost a danger zone to challenge not fitting in and standing out. Thank you for sharing your heart! It’s pushes us to be in reflection of who we are being.

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