The modern deadly sins.

You must be very familiar with the deadly sins identified by the Christian thinker Evagrius Ponticus back in the 4th century. They were widely promoted by the Catholic Churches to sway people to do good deeds and were depicted in paintings, were sculptured, mentioned in various documents, textbooks, and even used in pacts. They became so widely known that the entire world accepted the idea and passed it forward era to era. They changed a bit since then and eight thoughts became seven as the idea stayed the same. Even today, these deadly sins are relevant.

Still, I think the modern world has more complex ones. The modern sins are not about one’s behaviour, but about one’s absence of action. Here are a few more deadly sins that I think should be included in the list:

1. Mindless obsession

By this I mean how less people consider about what they are doing and why they are doing it before they let themselves go after it. It shows how they lack self-control and fall prey to desire. This mindless obsession doesn’t let the people grow as a person and bounds them to act on their feelings without understanding how they feel. See people get addicted to social media, games, numbers (money), comfort, food, sex, etc.

2. Not reading

Reading is a habit that most people abandon as soon as they learn to read. This keeps them oblivious of the nature of the world. People think they know things or try to figure everything out by themselves from the scratch when somebody could have already found an answer that could be in some book out there. By neglecting this habit, people slow down their progress in life and stay ignorant. This leads the world in a mindless direction.

3. Not thinking positive

People are quick to underestimate themselves and think bad about everyone they meet or know. They criticize and judge themselves and everyone but never in a positive way, it’s always something mean. This makes us a negative person and we never learn to appreciate or to have gratitude for anybody or anything in our lives. This negative thinking keeps us miserable and far away from finding happiness.

4. Not believing in oneself

Not believing in oneself is same as seeking attention and validation from the outside. This shows how one lacks confidence and believes so little in themselves. This makes them do things that they rather won’t do but they do them just for a few moments of someone’s interest in them, and it works very fine but it gets stressful to keep seeking validation all the time. Losing one’s peace of mind for getting the approval of others must be a sin.

5. Not observing

Most people live away their lives without observing their surroundings. They just make use of whatever they find around them and go on with their lives. Nobody wants to question how the texts one writes pop up on another’s screen, how forks are made, why people smile, how the milk we drink reaches our house, why do we need a door, how it feels to be under the sun, why do we even feel—we never ask questions!

And lastly…

6. Not looking after ourselves

We tend to not take care of ourselves, say whether it’s our mind or the body. We take ourselves for granted when just like we take care of everyone else, we are supposed to take care of ourselves too. Without a healthy mind and body, we sure are to stumble in our lives not being able to make the best use of it. We need to stay healthy, both physically and mentally.

Hope this helps you to understand that only doing the bad things don’t make you a sinner, sometimes, not doing the right things can also make you a sinner.

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