The best way to approach life.

Many great men have advised that one should look deep inside oneself and figure themselves out. They say, the more you understand yourself, the more you understand life, the deeper you search within yourself, the more you find on the outside. But isn’t figuring oneself out very complicated? We tend to get lost figuring ourselves out. It is confusing to find a proper answer. We keep on changing at every turn of our lives, so how can we say for sure that this is it, this is me. It sounds like a great advice but it is not that easy to apply.

With no disrespect to these great men, I think the better way to learn deeply about oneself and life is to build ourselves into a character instead of digging into our souls. Having a layout of our character will work as a blueprint for us that we can analyse and change whenever we want. To make it clearer, let me put it in a simple way.

To begin with, think of a personality, an ideal person. Think how you want this ideal person to be, how you want this ideal person to behave, what goals he or she should have in life, what kind of job this person wants, how he or she expects his or her spouse to be, what his or her hobbies should be, how his or her lifestyle should be, what his or her values should be, etc. Think up of every possible aspect that, according to you, make a person perfect or at least what you think would be perfect for your ideal person. This ideal person will be your blueprint. For example, here is my character blueprint:

Name: Rashidul Huda

Date of birth: 29.07.1998

Gender: Male

Ultimate goal: Become a billionaire ($)

Time to reach the goal: 30 years.

How to achieve the goal: Find a solution to a problem big enough to make big bucks, think business but be compassionate, always keep learning, be courageous.

Ideal profession: Entrepreneur.

Ideal spouse: Beautiful, ambitious, smart, kind.

Hobbies: Reading, writing, cycling, meditating, volunteering.

Hobbies to adapt to: Cycling, volunteering.

Values to hold on to: Kindness first, always help anyone in need, right is right even if nobody is doing it, respect everyone, family first.

Things to avoid: Closed minded people, negative people, aggressive situations, bad habits, talking mindlessly, spending too much money.

Traits: Extrovert, well-dresser, calm, composed, confident, ambitious, mentally active, compassionate.

Changes needed: Become more extroverted, develop some fashion sense.

In my character blueprint, I have included the goals I want to achieve in my life, how I want to achieve them, and also the changes I would need to make to get to where I want to be or to be who I want to be. This blueprint will help me stay focused on what I want out of my life.

Similarly, after you are very sure about the personality and the goals of your ideal person, when you are sure you can relate to this person, you can be this person, put all your effort to become the person. Behave the way you wanted your ideal person to behave, have goals that you wanted your ideal person to have, work hard for the job you wanted your ideal person to have, attract or approach the ideal spouse you wanted your ideal person to have, develop or get used to the hobbies you thought your ideal person should have, accept the values that you wanted your ideal person to have, build the exact lifestyle for yourself that you wanted your ideal person to have, and neglect anyone, any thought, or anything that distracts you or don’t let you become your ideal person. This approach is easier than staying stuck and wondering what you actually want out of your life. If you think this way, you will always have total control over your life and you will always know who you are and where you are going.

Even if sometimes you don’t feel right about the character you have chosen for yourself, you can change a few of his or her aspects. Maybe change one of his or her goals or maybe two, maybe take on a new hobby, maybe do something out of the blue that your character shouldn’t do, maybe go after a completely different partner than your ideal one, maybe change your ideal job, whatever it is, just be aware of what your character is doing and where he or she is going. This will not only help you sort out your life, but also make you very much self-aware. You can be what you want to be, and while developing a character, who knows, maybe you’ll figure out the real you without even trying.

10 thoughts on “The best way to approach life.

  1. Very good! I think I’d be a bit careful about aspirations and allow yourself a bit of variety as life has a habit of opening and closing doorways and you don’t want to miss the open ones because your fixed on a particular goal!

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