Is inner peace achievable in this modern world?

This post is dedicated to all the people out there who feel like they are caught up in some mouse trap that keeps clenching the life out of them, as if they are trapped, and they need an escape from it.

I am aware how that feels.

We have come a very long way, from apeheads to humans. There was a time when we used to roam around with no idea of what we could do, now we are very aware and we keep pushing it. However, we never make time to take a pause and reflect how far we have actually come and how far we plan to go. We just keep pushing for betterment, but we have no direction. The better we get, the more we push for it, but have you looked at what it is doing to us?

People nowadays are stressed more than ever because the pace at which we are supposed to get better is way too fast, it demands us to cast away our peace for making a living. We give up on things we actually want and settle for things that this world wants us to have. This is wreaking us from the inside but we can’t do anything about it because the world is beyond our control, there is nothing we can do to make things right, we are supposed to just accept it as it is and live away; this has become a common thinking.

I am not the one to tell you what to do, what not to do, I just want you to understand there is no need to play this game by the rules set by people who knew no better about this world but ended up making the rules because they thought they began to understand it. They are not ahead of you. They are as lost as you. They won because they decided to take action based on how they felt about the world and how they wanted it to be. Just like them, if you feel in a certain way, you should have enough wisdom and courage to mould the world your own way, or at least learn how to be at peace within the chaos.

It is easier said than done, but if you pick up our history and see, you will find how well it was organised, and how peaceful it was back then. Surely cruelty was a part, yes, but people had a sense of peace in them, we don’t even have that. What went wrong?

The thing I blame for losing our inner peace is population. Our population right now is around 8 billion and it is estimated to keep growing. I am not some villain who wants to wipe people out, but population sure is a big problem.

In old times, there were hardly a few people who were the extraordinary ones, who came up with something that revolutionized the world, but nowadays, being extraordinary is encouraged so much that people keep revolutionizing the world one moment after another. This brings so many changes in our world in such a short period of time that we don’t even get the chance to fully live a moment. We keep going ‘what’s next?’, ‘what’s next?’.

This fast pace has made us come up with so many dangerous things that we are not even taking seriously:

  • The social media that was supposed to bring people closer is pushing people away and making them feel lonelier instead but we think it is a normal thing.
  • The desire to make everyone’s life easy is making people lose their ability to handle inconveniences and a tough life but we still push it.
  • The pressure to innovate and revolutionize is so high that people come up with this and that, the things that we don’t actually need, but are created under the pressure.
  • And in this pressure to excel, we give so much value to intelligence that we neglect how emotional wellbeing is also a matter of concern. It makes people even more miserable.

All these things that we think we are doing for good is actually backfiring, but we intentionally overlook them. We don’t care about the big picture anymore, we live for ourselves only and pretend like we do it for others. This was not the case in older times. In older times, success was not a big deal, inner peace was, but it is the opposite in the modern world. And we can see the reason very clearly; in older times, the world we lived in was a simple one, but it got complicated as our knowledge of ourselves expanded. The thing wrong with the modern world is that we refuse to expand our minds with expansion of knowledge, instead, we become stupidly comfortable with an easy and a chaotic life. This sure is peaceful, but for a short period only.

If we really want peace to last within us for a long period, we need to understand that we know more than we have ever known, and therefore, given that we have the ability to process a limited amount of informations, we need to develop enough wisdom to be able to figure out what to omit and what to accept. Maybe not being able to utilize our learnings at the human level is what keeping us at unease. And this unease, according to me, can be overcome if we give up trying to fit in and go at our own pace, meditate if need be, become calmer, become more compassionate, not feel bad about missing an opportunity, don’t pretend to be happy, learn to handle ups and downs, be genuine as much as possible, become an observer, understand the game, learn how to use our abilities to live a fulfilling life, and then jump into it. There is no need to hurry. We can achieve whatever we desire in our lives even if we do things only our own way. In this rush, we should not forget that sometimes doing nothing is a good thing to do, passing out on good ideas for a long future is good, not doing something that we can do but is not good for us is good, living to understand than living to live is good.

9 thoughts on “Is inner peace achievable in this modern world?

  1. Glad to see someone else mention the problem of overpopulation. It seems almost taboo to say it but in my mind it is the source of all our greatest problems. I am no villain either, but what is the answer?

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  2. “This was not the case in older times. In older times, success was not a big deal, inner peace was, but it is the opposite in the modern world.” — You nailed it so well here. Nature is simple, God is simple, why should we want to be so complicated?

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  3. We are of like-mind, on this subject anyway – the first I’ve come across upon following you. I cold have written that myself, though I don’t write in length, I tend to keep my ideas, thoughts, passions, experiences, dreams and perceptions down to a 3 part expressive share – up the audience to find the meaning by placing all 3 pieces together, and then the depth – but if I were to write in length, I would have written your exact words.

    Nice to meet your words, mind, heart, perceptions, blog and you. 🙂 I find it a blessing to come across like-minded people. I think there are far more (in the very least the numbers are growing more in this moment than ever before) people who feel the same way and are taking action to disassociate with what the generations of society have either taught, or “untaught” us. You spoke of peace or lack thereof, I felt that, I speak of it. You spoke of “rushing” – I felt that and speak of it. Not long ago I was genuinely getting fed up with the concept of society creating an environment/lifestyle where it’s expected, and most find it either the norm or something they don’t believe there’s a way out of, that everyone is contactable 24 hours a day. How many receive calls or texts that we don’t answer to eventually be followed by a follow up or call (or multiples) soon after, that day or the next … filled with sarcasm, blame, guilt or upset that we didn’t answer or respond yet. Prior to smart phones and the FORCED use of email (it wasn’t long ago when email was an option, now you can’t join a new site or create a login to anything without one), we would merely call someone and if they weren’t home, we’d leave a message on their home answering machine (and before that with a family member or friend – or if they lived alone, we’d just try back later), and that would be it. We didn’t expect that immediate rush of response, nor did we develop a plethora of emotions, scenarios or assumptions without receiving the immediate response … we simply left a message or tried to reach someone and assumed we’d hear back from them “at some point.”

    So, I got fed up – there’s a lot going on in my life, it was the side of the calendar that’s not my favorite as I find it causes even more rushing (when we turn the clocks ahead, causing longer days and far shorter nights, thus we feel very rushed at night without enough time to decompress and enjoy an evening before bed – I’m a “fall behind” calendar type of being) and I was receiving countless texts while driving, calls while driving, not 1, 2, 3 quick messages either, and with each one I didn’t answer, the voicemails or texts were beginning to either stench of sarcasm, assumptions or imagination having nothing at all to do with my reality – or the reality – and I wasn’t liking the way it felt. So, I forwarded my cellphone to my home phone which has an answering machine on it, then turned it on do not disturb so I wouldn’t even see or hear a notification of any kind – only brought my cell with me for emergency should one arise, and started out on my experiment of going backwards in time. The first week was difficult I won’t lie – I too have fallen pray to instant gratification, but I held steady. By week 2, there was a bit of loneliness experienced having been connected 24/7 at home via laptop and cell and while out by cell … but while the loneliness did exist, so did a few other things. I felt began to feel a sense of peace I haven’t felt in a long, long time and I dug deeper into that to see if I could find the cause of the peace and I did. I didn’t feel rushed anymore. I didn’t have to answer the phone every time it rang for countless reasons, I didn’t have to be interrupted by or respond to countless texts coming in … I didn’t have to do anything, but what it was I was actually doing in that very moment and time began to slow down – the moment(s) began to last longer – I was experiencing the moments in greater detail. Sure, everyone, not a few, but everyone was annoyed by this (family, friends, business, the medical world of which I receive a lot of calls from), but I refused to (it takes some work to learn how to do this – I still live in a classroom every day trying to maintain this) take on their feelings or energy into my own. After all, I had done absolutely nothing wrong, I was merely not available to them instantaneously. Within a few more weeks and near all who would normally reach out to me now aware of what was happening (I told them), little by little most (not all, but most) began to leave me calm, normal, messages on my answering machine, asking me to return their call when I was able – which is exactly what I did, when I was able or when I felt like wanting to be able – and I prioritized them by the priority of the messages. A did that for a bit over a month and I am here to say that what we’re experiencing is reversible. We are allowing it, we are accepting it, some aren’t even aware of it (that part concerns me the most).

    Once my little experience was over, I put all my settings back as we have them, but made it very clear to all but things of extreme importance, that a) I am not of the belief that texting is talking b) if you want to shoot me over a quick text saying something like “I’m 5 minutes away for example,” rather than call to do so, which I’d prefer, that would be okay with me, but I will not converse via text c) if you attempt to converse with me via text, you’re either going to get no response at all, get a very delayed response when I feel like it – which could very well be a day, week or months later, or I’m going to simply call you back rather than text you back and if you don’t answer – again, that’s on you, not me. I also told near everyone that anyone who leaves me a snotty, sarcastic, assuming voicemail if I don’t answer their phone or haven’t returned their call within a day or 2, unless of course it’s truly urgent, that a) I won’t respond at all b) I’m going to return your call with attitude and revisit my feelings with you about it with a bit of attitude that time, because you showed me no regard by dismissing my wishes and c) if that scenario continued more than once or twice there’d be more than a good chance that I would be cutting ties with them. FYI, I treat online inboxing/PMs the same as I do text messaging.

    People aren’t being their authentic selves, which is difficult for everyone in their space – but it’s far worse for them themselves … they’re living in this rushed, stressed, lacking in peace energy and don’t even realize what it is, or what any parts of it are, that might be causing it. Technology as a whole has played a very large hand in this situation, but far more the smart phones. The addiction to needing to be connected 24/7 is an unrealistic, unhealthy desire or expectation, taking away from the time you spend within your moments actually absorbing and enjoying your moments. I live alone, no family to speak of – pretty much an alone life anomaly in today’s world, which is a very lonely, at times scary and anxiety ridden experience and even I want, need and demand my alone and down time – so if someone who’s lonely and alone almost 24/7 day after week after month after year, then those who aren’t must surely be missing it on a scale I can’t even imagine.

    LOL, as you can see by my very long comment, I do have a lot to say, or share what I feel, on this subject (not the phone or technology, but your post itself). I absolutely adored that someone put it out there … but I should stop now or this already novella sized comment will be a wall of text that blinds people lol. I find it, or have always found it, as I’ve been expressing in the same or similar manner in which I do (online) now … all of my life – now 54, online since 25, rather amusing (in my own head) that I actually do express so much of the same things that the majority express in long thoughts, stories, vents, paragraphs, poetry and more – in very short verse … yet those who put my song of choice together with the art I choose and the verse I write … and go real deep behind the veil, I’m saying what so many others are saying and feeling. On the other hand, I do tend to comment in a far different fashion as I post LOL.

    Awesome post! Thanks for the follow. I’ll be a bit M.I.A. on WP for about 8 weeks give or take, with a possible pop on here and there if I’m able – it’s a “thing” and priority in my life not much fun, but necessary … I hope you take a look at my older posts (there are literally hundreds, but most were all put into “for my eyes only mode,” with only 50 or so showing, the ones that better express who I am today in the current time) and are able to enjoy some of them, and hope to find you here when I finish and return more regularly.

    Love. Love & Blessings to you. Kimberly

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  4. It’s interesting to me that in overpopulated places like India, you find many examples of people who finger inner peace amidst their urban chaos. That’s one reason I’m down to visit there again.

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