Is homosexuality a disability?

I know where I’m going with this one, just hear me out. We live in a world where finding a partner is a big deal, and given the modern world that is brainwashed by the media, where influencing people is so easy, anyone can be made to believe in anything, even regarding attraction.

Without offending anyone or implying that I’m a homophobic, I want to point out a few things that, according to me, has given homosexuality a big boast in our generation.

The first thing I want to point out is the lack of emotional support. This lack of emotional support doesn’t let anyone to explore how they actually feel about anything or anyone. People nowadays only care about the things and people that make them look good to other people that they don’t even care about; the world has become so pretentious and inconsiderate. In this world, we would definitely seclude ourselves in someone who would show us a little affection genuinely, which is really hard to find nowadays.

In this search for emotional support, one can only find comfort in their own gender, because there is a natural connection between a male and a male, and a female and a female—they somehow know each other very well, maybe because they know themselves.

Here, if we talk about the connection between a male and a female, it is not that easy to make a real connection as both the genders feel differently—it takes real hard work and emotional load to fully understand each other, but this is not the case with the same genders.

A male can easily understand another male, and a female can easily understand another female, this cuts off the emotional load that one needs to understand the opposite sex. As I said earlier, the world has become so pretentious and inconsiderate, that one cannot muster up enough energy to deal with the emotional load required to be straight anymore, so they end up finding comfort in their own gender.

If you are a homosexual, or you know someone who is, I don’t think you or they chose to feel the way you or they feel, it just happened, and this might be the case—you or they became a good victim of the modern society.

The second thing I want to point out is the trend. We all seem to prefer trend over anything; if you are not in the trend, you are not cool. This leads many people to believe that they are homosexual even if that might not be it, and they go with it. The fear of missing out is very high in our generation, it has been driving people to do a lot of crazy and mindless things just because they don’t want to be missed out. In this case, having a sexual preference might not be so crazy and mindless, unless, people have given up their actual sexual preference just to keep up with the trend because it’s cool.

The third and the last thing I want to point out is the mind-numbing social media—I know I am using one to talk about it, but it sure is mind-numbing if you don’t access proper contents. We have unlimited information available in our hands, but we prefer to neglect all the informations that could help us grow and distract ourselves with pointless entertainment. This as a result, deprives us of our mental ability. Without strong control over ourselves, we sure are to get swayed away by the influences around us. This goes back to the lack of emotional intelligence completing a vicious trap.

I, personally, have no problem with homosexuality, or bisexuality, or the transgenders, or the others who prefer an unusual sexuality, what I mean here is how the modern world can impact people to see themselves differently by pressuring them to find a partner and taking away their emotional support, their ability to reason, and their capability to stick with the way of the nature.

In conclusion, it might not be a disability, but a lack of ability.

26 thoughts on “Is homosexuality a disability?

  1. Very interesting. I see your point it could be pressed into someones psyche as a trend. I was raised around a group of lesbians ,in a time when it was thought of as a super taboo. To them it seemed normal, some even dressed like men. I think as you said they were drawn together as being unusual people. I don’t know. I’ve never figured it out.

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    1. So Wanda, you were raised around a group of lesbians. How did that influence your sexuality? I happen to believe that we are born that way… we are homosexuals or heterosexuals from birth. And I think that the answer is in our dreams. If our wet dreams involve a person of the same sex we are homosexuals. And vice versa. I mean, we can’t control our dreams. My dreams as a teenager /young woman were about men. 🙂 That’s how I know I’m straight. And no amount of education, trends what I see around could make me a homosexual. I know my question to you is indiscreet considering we are perfect strangers, but please answer it. I’m curious if your background influenced in any way your sexuality.

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      1. Of course it’s a wide range – gay-bisexual-straight – anything in between. But for now, you prove my point: education, what you see around you, even an abuse as a child, won’t matter. If one is straight he/she will follow his/her sexual instinct.

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      2. I never suggested you were abused. God forbid! I was talking in general. Yes, my opinion is that we are born heterosexuals or homosexuals. The sexual instinct is inborn, not acquired. That people experiment or they stifle their sexual urges it’s another point. That’s only my opinion. I was raised in a religious family, we never talked about sex, but the general idea was that heterosexuality was the path to follow. And I am a heterosexual. That’s why I wasn’t sure if I was educated or born that way. But you had a different experience, yet you are a heterosexual as well. That could only mean that both you and I were born that way.

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      3. As I said in my first post, I never figured it out totally. It was confusing seeing married women( rumored) to having affairs with other women. Maybe some were just friends but I heard differently. One lady had several affairs with married women. One had a boyfriend at one point then never dated again. Most were I think just single and as the author of this post said. The other sex didnt understand them and were lonely. I don’t know if these women were born gay. Some I think might be, but its not an either or situation- as far as I had observed. I didn’t hate, or even dislike any of them. As a straight person it is hard to determine why these things happen and as women we tend to personalize our own self as the model of our thinking.. Women judge the world by themselves. Men are more practical- just my opinion.. Cheers have a great day.

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  2. my apologies, but you ARE homophobic. Or rather you do not understand what love means:). Ans how relationships work. Outside of what you’ve personally experienced.

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  3. my apologies, but you ARE homophobic. Or rather you do not understand what love means:). Ans how relationships work. Outside of what you’ve personally experienced.

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  4. Your argument is controversial but thought provoking. There may be some truth in what you say but in most UK society it’s still much easier to be straight rather than gay. Perhaps in certain circumstances like prisons, or artistic or alternative communities this might differ. I agree with what you say about lack of emotional support in modern society and the pressure to conform but being gay is still tough and people still get beaten up on the street just for being themselves. Some families still reject children because of their homosexuality so it’s not an easy path to follow. I am straight but have always had many gay friends.

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  5. This post is full of prejudice and ignorance, about both sexuality and disability. However, it is an indication of how far we have to go if we are to live in a world that is inclusive and cooperative, rather than the bigoted and divided place that this post reflects.

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  6. There is nothing easier about being gay in this world than straight, either internally or externally. You face so many more challenges and issues all around, and it’s no easier for many people to relate or become intimate with their own gender than the opposite. If you really want to conform and go with the norm, you say you’re straight and do what’s expected. Also, I don’t know that these identities are any more prevalent now or if we’re just finally hearing about them more, which I find more likely.

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  7. I’m sorry but I need to unfollow. This post is incredibly prejudiced and homophobic – you cannot unsay awful stuff by saying ‘I’m not personally homophobic’. Especially when you then say that LGBT+ are unable to ‘stick with the way of nature’ and that they are ‘unusual’. Logically you cannot entertain the idea that LGBT+ are just following the trend after saying that sexuality is not a question of choice. Well it is most certainly not a question of implicit priming either. Being LGBT+ has nothing to do with ‘a lack of ability’ or disability and it is incredibly ignorant and offensive to suggest so. It is a matter of love. LGBT+ rates have increased because today people feel more safe to explore their feelings and experiences and share them with others.

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  8. “following”……..”trends”…….this is all about average, mediocracy. and average is just what it is. average, nothing extraordinary on the downside or the upside of life. disgusting. and each and every person has choices in life. and the choices should not be impacted by other peoples opinion or trend or…..whether you are homosexual or not this has nothing to do with trust, value for the mankind. fullstop.

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  9. When you are raised in a militantly hetero-normative society as I was, Texas, USA, late 50’s & early 60’s, you grow up with a set of negative assumptions about gay people. These are reflected in our language unconsciously. I saw my first arrest for “sodomy” in a public restroom at the tender age of 7. My parents wouldn’t even explain to me what was going on, as if I might catch it if I knew. These kinds of traumas make an indelible impression. I would suggest that we all turn back the “woke” and give people a bit of leeway in their path to awareness. We have to be able to discuss these matters without fighting or canceling each other.

    To review: Gay is healthy, normal, fun, affirming and beautiful. Gay is not a disease. It is not abnormal, unnatural, sinful or pathological. Sexual identity is not a static thing. It changes as we move through life’s stages. You may inhabit several different sexualities over the course of a lifetime.

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  10. Reading this makes me realize how much work there is to be done educating people. Difference is difference. We can beat others down for being different than us, or we can listen and accept their story. Lumping people together into categories of why they are different from us causes more harm than good. Accepting the fact that the human race is widely diverse allows good things to happen. We all have a place and a part to play. “Normal” is a limitation created by the mind.

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  11. I agree with your perspective on this topic. It feels our children and young people are being force fed from an LGBTQ relish tray. “Here, Johnny, what do you think of this, or that? You can be anything you want to be! Do you feel like a girl? Here try a dress.” It is an extremely confusing time for kids, and must be stressful, too. Everyone seems to demand people reveal their true gender and sexual preference. Why? Who cares. What’s it to ya? Some schools even pressuring kids as young as five before enrollment in school. But i also feel a problem is largely coming from the generation before them. The young patents and teachers. Millennials. They are supposedly all about feeling good, safe, and accepting everyone. Yet, on the flip-side offended by everything, but by nothing that offends me nowadays. Like a 50 year old man who identifies as a six year old girl and who gets adopted by a couple with a six year old daughter. Ummm, yeah I am extremely offended, repulsed and concerned by the acceptance of THAT. I could go on and on. But reining it in. Great post.

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  12. The debate between a collective’s perception/acceptance and any individual’s desires – is this healthy? In certain moderation, most things are. Just as all excess isn’t.
    I am old enough to remember that there was a time when people had been imprisoned for their sexual orientation. It was illegal to be gay in the Eastern Block before 1989. Writing this as a reminder to left-leaning gay youths who allow themselves to be manipulated by evil forces.
    Being different and having your own voice is the opposite of being sheep.
    Dig for Brandon Straka and see that you can walk away and stay awake like an individual, like a self-aware person.
    But the most important aspect of being gay implies being mature first.
    Look what those evil forces are desperately trying to push over children by the way of a corrupt education system.
    This is worst than communist reeducation, this is part of a godless plan that will fail, like all of its kind.

    As far as we understand to keep children away of this matter, as long as young adults liberate themselves from the political insanity, seeing that as a mirroring of the old communist controlling state, being and thinking gay makes a good part of enjoying life. It’s like rediscovering your sexuality, your creative potential, from novel and breathtaking perspectives.
    Explore, enjoy, love yourself, love others like loving yourself. Be you and Be brave!
    Love is patient and sweet; love does not envy; love is not upset neither puffed up.

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    1. This is a horrible point of view. It’s because in some countries such views are prevalent, young people are committing suicides. They do not know that who they are is perfectly normal, and believe, that this is so abnormal that they don’t deserve living. I urge you to Google “It gets better” project for details. People are born with certain sexuality. Same as you probably liked a boy for the first time when you were in grade school and didn’t think about sex, you liked the looks and the smiles. The same way the individuals who like people of the same sex, like their looks and smiles. Here is the post which I wrote originally over ten years ago on a different blogging platform. I could not imagine back then that I will ever need to translate it into English, but alas, I did:

      Young people especially need to know, that they are fine. More than anybody.


  13. I somehow think what we lack, to some extent, is empathy, the ability to understand each other as human beings. Being in the same gender is not always guaranteed that you understand each other, though I guess most of the time, they do. Even then, they would still have various quirks, habits, and characteristics that not everyone can tolerate, even if they are the same gender.

    I’m not entirely agree regarding how homosexuality can be considered as a trend. Well, it may be in where you are from, but not in where I live. Here, homosexuality is extremely forbidden if people catch wind of who is supposedly gay, bisexual, or lesbian, they will immediately attack the aforementioned person, saying things that they are sick, sinful, corrupted, and everything else, while also ignoring the fact that they don’t choose to be exactly like that. So, not really.

    But I do agree that social media and entertainment often force too much things upon people these days, especially to young ones. Sometimes these children may not even fully grasp the context what it means to be LGBT and supporting them as well as only think of it as something hit, which is rather unfortunate, I guess.

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  14. I can see the logic you have tried to apply to this post, I think your choice of words in some areas is letting you down. Though I don’t agree with what your saying, I cannot say I completely disagree with everything you’ve said. I know what you are refering to by there appearing to be a trend is homosexuality. Honestly I think it simply appears that way because a large group of people that were previously supressed in society, are now given the oppotunity and rightly so, to be who they are. The fact we all have public platforms like social media is why we are seeing other peoples truth more. But I think it’s a step to far to say these platforms are part of why people become part of the LQBTQ+ Community. I think it just opens people up to more possiblites that thet had previously not considered.

    Social Media hasnt changed us as much as people seem to think it has, it just given us the oppotuity to be more open about it. Like how if we look for all flowers instead of just sunflowers, we will find more flowrs simply because we are looking for more, not because there are anymore than there were to begin with.

    This was an interesting read, and though Icant agree wholehartedly, I thanks for for writing it and opening up a differentiate opnion and a discussion as a result.

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