Is education to educate us?

We call ourselves human, but have you ever questioned what we actually are, what this world is, why we exist? If you haven’t, you should, because we don’t know the answers.

But no educational institute will teach you to think things like this; they are designed to keep you inside the box forever.

We call a man educated if the man knows how to follow orders and fit-in in the society. But what should be the real purpose of education?

We follow a very simple path to learning that was established more than a century ago and till now, it has stayed unchanged. This system that we follow was introduced not to push us to explore and understand life, but to keep us within the limitations of it, and to provide us a living, and that’s all it has been doing till now. Our educational system is not to trigger our minds, but to provide us a living. By following this simple system, we become a pawn in the game. That is why it is so important for us to develop our own thinking.

If you are one of those rare people who question things, you might have the potential to be a game changer. All you have to do is learn how to educate yourself. What you teach yourself is more important than what you learn within those four walls. This highly competitive world won’t do you any favour if you know what everyone else knows. You need a way of your own to not to be a pawn.

The thing you need to focus on is learning more new things, because that’s what makes us human.

Our ancestors went through a lot of events to bring us this world we live in now. It was a long journey indeed, from apeheads to humans. By neglecting all the knowledge that we have acquired in our hundreds of thousands of years of existence would be same as going back to being apeheads, which will also make all our work be for nothing.

Here is a list of things to do to develop a better perception of the world:

  • Question your existence.
  • Don’t blindly follow what you are taught.
  • Observe the nature and the people around you.
  • Be more of a thinker and a doer than a talker.
  • Learn to be compassionate.
  • Learn to be respectful of different views.
  • Develop a craving for knowledge.
  • Always move at your own pace.
  • Don’t be embarrassed to fail.
  • Appreciate the elders.
  • Appreciate your time.

If you are a student, understand that you don’t need to learn to get good grades, or to pass an exam, or to make your parents happy, or to secure your future, or to impress anyone, you need to learn because you need to be aware of how long this journey of ours has been and what have we learned along the way.

If you are a parent, understand that your child doesn’t need to learn to fulfil the aspirations you hold, or to make you feel proud, or to do the things you couldn’t, or to secure a living, your child needs to learn to have an individuality, a sense of what’s right or wrong, wisdom, and an out-of-the-box mindset.

And if you are a teacher, understand that your job is not to make everyone the same, let them grow at their own pace and shine their own way.

We don’t have to make education necessary to make a living, but to have fun with the works of our ancestors. Just be genuinely interested to learn, that should make all the difference.

9 thoughts on “Is education to educate us?

  1. El sistema Montesori.., potser creuran que està caducat, però per a mi és el millor. He vist el que va fer per les meves filles i vaig gaudir d’ell tot el temps que va durar; per cert, per fortuna tot el temps necessari per al seu bon desenvolupament, des d’un any d’edat fins el set.

    The Montesori system … they may think it’s expired, but for me it’s the best. I have seen what he has done for my daughters and I have enjoyed him all the time; by the way, fortunately all the time needed for its proper development, from a year old to seven.

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  2. To some degree in life is the blind leading the blind, sometimes over a cliff. There are those, to varying degrees, go along but also find some of their own pursuits. There are rebels who to varying degrees, find what’s wrong and are sharing these with others. And I suppose, people have to go through whatever they have to go through. And perhaps, having different views and sharing opens the doors of discussions. I think even one who understands being placed inside a box is finding himself/herself is a box of his or her own making, perhaps not realizing. It’s like a group of rebels belong to their group, finding themselves in the box again. One box to another. Can eventually lead to difficulties in this realization.
    But what makes us realize? Where is our understanding coming from? What gives us an indication that all is not right and we’re not living our own lives? For everybody, either through upbringing, groups, realization, or otherwise starts telling others what is. Then, there are followers. And that can lead back to the blind leading the blind. Can a rebel ever be true, for by becoming a rebel, they need that which they rebel against for their identity?
    So, what makes us realize? What is the source of our understanding? And what direction are we to go? That is a question I have pondered on.

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