Thoughts on death: Is it our end or the beginning?

There are various beliefs about the concept of death. Many believe that after we die we come back in this very world in a new form—reincarnation, many believe that after we die we are either punished for the sins we did when we were alive or rewarded for the goods we did when we were alive—Heaven and Hell, then there are the ones who believe there is nothing after death—the world, our existence, everything ceases for us. No matter what belief you follow, you are very certain that you will die one day for sure, it is something inevitable. But do we truly understand death?

If you consider the concept of reincarnation, and the fact that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, we, as a form of energy should not stop existing, we can only be transformed from one energy to another. This supports the reincarnation belief—we lose our previous form and transform into a new one. But why don’t we remember the happenings of our previous life? Is there any fault in the reincarnation process? What I think about it is that it might be because there exists a void or some other dimension. After we die, we exist in this void or the dimension without any sense of our existence or time—this makes our consciousness so numb that we lose the ability to use it. But the void is not a trap or inescapable. There must be a way to take the form of a new born from this very void. We somehow find a way back into the physical realm, but we can’t understand it properly because of the time spend in the void that numbed our consciousness. Now, we learn everything again from the beginning.

Coming to the second belief—Heaven and Hell, this is a fascinating concept given most of the people seem to believe it wholeheartedly, but there is a fault in this concept. If we look at it from the perspective of God, we can ask why God would create the world and us—a world where we are not instructed what exactly we are supposed to do, then punish or reward us based on what we did while trying to figure our purpose out. Isn’t it cruelty or unfair? We are reasonable beings, we sure can understand our purpose if we are told about it. The religions do talk about our instructions in their holy books, but they don’t talk about our purpose. Is our purpose to worship God and do as we are instructed to do in the holy books to receive the reward and to avoid the punishment? Again, from the perspective of God, why God would create a world with us in it and expect us to worship Him, and punish us if we don’t worship Him or don’t follow the instructions given in the holy books? Wouldn’t it make God a sadist? Is that how our creator is? It might be a famous belief for death, but it puts our God in a very negative image.

Lastly, the concept of nothingness can’t be argued against as there is no proof to go with it or against it. Death sure is a mystery, but I don’t think there is anything to be scared of it. I am not even saying that we should accept it, but we should live our lives questioning things to find some true answers. We will know how or what death is when we die, but as we live now, why don’t we live our lives in peace, helping each other out?

191 thoughts on “Thoughts on death: Is it our end or the beginning?

  1. So strange you wrote this because literally the other day I was looking up articles on reincarnation online! I don’t believe in it, but I can’t completely dismiss it either. And you’re right that it doesn’t make sense if we don’t know our purpose but we’re supposed to be doing something… For a long time I believed that there is nothing at all after death. That our awareness ceases entirely. But then I had some experiences with the unexplained that changed my mind. Currently, I think death is different for different people. What happens to you might not be the same that happens to someone else. Just like people have different things happen to them in life, they probably have different things happen when they die. Thanks for another great article!

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    1. Thank you very much for your comment. That could be one possibility as the plants are living beings too. Maybe our souls don’t only take form of a human being, maybe we reborn as plants and animals too. You can be a human being this time, a plant next time, an animal after that, a plant again, and maybe a human again.

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  2. While reading your piece, a feeling of lightness started to lift me. This made me feel happy, content, more relaxed, telling me to just let go. That this is a continuum. Much easier to take than the concept of Heaven and Hell. Thank you for lifting my spirits tonight.

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  3. wonderful write up. The thinking about death is well expressed.
    “we can only be transformed from one energy to another. This supports the reincarnation belief”
    All the three points are well put.

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  4. Thank you for your thought provoking post.
    There is a belief by some, with which I agree, that this physical existence is a ‘school yard for souls’ and that we keep coming back after death until we learn what is necessary to learn after which we do not return to this world.
    Regarding Heaven and Hell I believe that is of our own making and is within us.
    On the question of instruction I believe the still quiet voice known as the conscience is from God and helps us along the most beneficial path. I believe that helping others is a great calling for all of us.

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    1. Thank you very much for your comment. The ‘school yard for souls’ is a very interesting idea. I have wondered about it many times. Maybe there actually is something that we are supposed to know, and we will stop existing in this physical realm once we come to know it. Mostly I think it might be about finding inner peace in a world of chaos.

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  5. I think that people believe in Heaven and Hell, in reincarnation and such, simply because it is psychologically more comfortable. It’s tough to think that there will be nothing. Though it won’t be anything indeed. Just like before we were born.

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  6. Our purpose and life’s instructions can be found in the Bible. However, we are not created by God as robots. We are God’s children, as the Bible puts it, given free will. And our every action has consequences, good or bad. When we have a relationship with our Creator, we’ll be guided which choices and actions to take in order for us to have a favorable result. Just like smoking versus living a healthy life. Both have consequences/results according to our chosen action.

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    1. And plus, our purpose is just that: living happily, and happily means according to God’s law, which is nothing else but exchanging love one another (love as trying to achieve what’s good for life, not as a romantic emotion).

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    2. So true!
      We are all created with a Spirit, Soul and Body, and all created to live forever… either _with_ God our Creator or totally apart from Him.
      It’s our choice.
      Read the Bible preferably from beginning to end, or just the New Testament to understand His plans for our life. No other book is accurate and revelant like the Bible.

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  7. Interesting post – I belive that the two first possibilities, reincarnation and heaven/hell, are dependent on the belief that we have a soul. A soul that is separate from the body and that escapes when we die. The third possibility, however, is not dependent on a soul. Instead of there being ‘nothing’ after we die, I believe in energy changing shape. Not as in reincarnation, I don’t think we change shape from a human soul to a bear, but I believe in the recycling of energy the same way as in a rotting apple doesn’t turn into ‘nothing’, it’s energy becomes something else – nutrients, soil, minerals and so on. I don’t believe in a soul, and so I don’t think that anything escapes from us when we die. I believe in consciousness that is the result of our bodily functions, and this consciousness ceases from working when we die. In terms of conscious experiences, this means that ‘nothing’ happens, but objectively, new life can be formed by a person as the minerals in our body become soil and nurture other beings on earth. In this way its a kind of reincarnation.
    I don’t find this way of thinking scary, in the contrary, not believing in an arbitrary deity and meaning in life leaves me all the possibilities in the world.

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  8. What a great article! As a hospice nurse, I have observed countless deaths (I stopped counting years and years ago), but what is true is that I only know what physical death looks like; not all death because everyone dies differently, but I have a fair understanding of what it looks like generally.

    And I have a Christian belief about the after-life, but even this only as I was taught. It is as you say; the idea of it is flawed because people wrote the Bible, and people interpret it too many different ways to discern a single truth.

    I’d been recently been re-reviewing Near Death Experiences (NDEs) on, and I’ve read many NDE books over the years. Anita Moorjani’s is particularly inspiring. But even then of her accounting, it is only one single perspective out of thousands and thousands of Testimonies; not all of them good either.

    I have recently wondered, though…and you alluded to this. If “Spirit” or “Soul” truly is eternal then I wonder if this isn’t just the animating essence of life…all life. Some believe all things (even stones, rivers…the sun and planets…all the space between) has spirit and soul, so I wonder if the eternal essence must form into something because Imagining heaven or hell…and imagine being in perpetual unending and unchanging love or torture FOREVER! For me, It begs the question: Would not a constant perpetual singular states mean that any participating essence would be in a state of OBLIVION if the heaven and hell concept were true? And I just wonder if it is simply the nature of life essence (soul or spirit) to not be in any kind of OBLIVION…to always be in motion…to always seek form?

    I just wonder. And perhaps there is choice, but…I could not say. I’m not dead yet, but still…I wonder even as I am Christian.


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    1. Do you believe that the Spirit of God compelled the men who authored all the books of the Bible to write it as the Spirit desired? Lamentations was definitely written by a man–a man who was in deep mourning. Chuck Missler does a fabulous job applying Scriptures to our life today as it relates to physics in all of its branches.

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      1. LOL…Ebonyandcrows,

        I believe what Christ Said…”Ask in my name and my father will give it to you.”

        If I ask, “God…how do I reconcile that Christians hate one another over the what is written in the Bible?… and I ask this in Jesus Name.”

        And the answer I get is “All people are flawed in all their actions; all people are prone to evil, pride and malice…all people hate…and lie…and do harm to one another because they are fearful and through their fear they would rather trust a book rather than their own hearts and their faith in Jesus Christ whom they asked into their hearts, but do your best with this because all these are true and there is redemption in Christ, love Me and love thy neighbor and just keep doing your best…and prey…always prey In Jesus Name”…

        And I said…”This was inspired by God.” Would you believe me?

        And if God had told me all men are flawed in all they do, then is what is in my heart more important (where I ask Jesus to be) or is the “Bible” more important for me to listen to?

        the Bible was inspired by God, but it was written by people. It is preached of and through people;

        the Bible tells history from a past I was not part of, yet the nature of man has never changed. Nor has the politics behind biblical scripture as “Inspired” by God as is each person that listen to the words spoken about God and Jesus from this book.

        Heck…people will quote all kinds of things from anywhere in the old and new Testament, and then they will say what it means…give a directive by this and say one of three things. “This (what I say) is true because the Bible said it. Do this because God said it. Do this because Jesus said it EVEN THOUGH the directive ( I Give) is mean, spiteful…hateful and causes a war between people, communities, religions and nations. Each will say “God inspired this because it’s in the Bible, and so this is what Jesus (or God) said.”

        What does Jesus say in our own hearts…in the living Temple of God…within our own lives? What about my own life lived NOW?

        What book is my own life inspired by? Who is writing that Book?

        Is it God? Is it the Devi? Is it Jesus? Is it Reverend so and so? Is it a priest? Is it…the Church? Is it my Congregation? Is it my neighbor? Is it…who?

        I asked Jesus into my Life and heart. “Ask In Jesus Name, and it will be given by my Father.”

        This is the best I can answer the question without writing pages and pages and pages and…(Passing my whole life writing pages…let alone reading pages out of a book written from someone else’s life…and following that and not believing my own life?).

        I love to read, and I love to write. Other people’s stories are very interesting especially if they are inspiring or teach a lesson, AND…if Christ is in my hearth because I asked him to be…then what of my own life? Or…does the Bible say something different…and if so, did Jesus agree with it?

        Jesus was in debate with the religious leaders of his time…and Jesus really despised hypocrisy because those same religious leaders were constantly trying to prove him wrong by those same scriptures we still use today…They were always quoting scripture to undo him…constantly questioning him…until they just killed him instead.

        What would the book of my own life read if I have Christ there…and someone judged me from the Bible and said I was a demon instead and deserved to die “Because it’s in the Bible.”

        What of that? Has it happened…in history?


        Inspired by the Bible?
        Inspired by God?
        Inspired by Jesus?

        Hard to say…so, I do my best with what I was given and asked for In Jesus name. I actually ask no more of anyone else…and what ever comes of that I just have to keep my own faith and my own word.


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  9. I believe this uncertainties about the concept of death are what makes our earth survivable at least as we are inclined to keep our morals high .We are left to either follow or query those beliefs you have painstakingly highlighted.Different perspectives corncerning this subject only make one feel more frustrated as we seek to learn.I just wanna have a peek if those after life stories are real and wake up morrow to live as I ever wanted. But its quite impossible except one is dead.I think it does not really matter to know because for now it is a mystery.The idea of Living in peace……helping others is best.Intriguing post.

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  10. So I don’t necessarily believe there is a flaw in the Heaven/Hell theory

    Yes there free will, but if you choose to believe there is also a guide, a map, directions, instructions or whatever word you choose, that makes a way, a path to Heaven. As well as the consequence, Hell

    What is in between is the case for

    I am a believer, and I like to question everything. Below is a poem on what forever means. I like to think, question, and find answers that speak to my heart. I hope the poem is ok. I have more…
    But right now we should help instead of hurt, and love instead of hate. It sounds so easy. But I guess that leads us back to good vs evil…


    When you hear the word forever
    To you, what does it mean?
    Is it a space in time?
    Or is it a destiny?
    I used to think that it was
    The sum of life in pain
    That with blow after blow
    Eventually I’d fall and not get up again
    Forever was a challenge
    I was willing to accept
    I wondered how long it might take
    For me to pay my debt
    But now as time keeps moving
    While my body fails me
    I think of forever
    So much differently
    I see forever these days
    As somewhere in between
    As both an amount of time
    As well as a destiny
    I think I will understand
    When space and time connect
    That after the days that came before
    Then will mean it’s time to rest
    When I have completed
    The work God had planned for me
    That He had written
    Long before I came to be
    When the time comes
    For forever and I to meet
    I will understand it much more
    When I reach God’s sanctuary
    Where the ones I love
    Wait to welcome me with grace
    As forever takes my hand
    And leads me through Heaven’s gates
    Until then I will try
    To do my very best
    To greet each day with a grateful heart
    Living a life of purpose.
    Katherine Spitzer

    Proverbs 16:9 The Passion Translation (TPT
    9 Within your heart you can make plans for your future,
    but the Lord chooses the steps you take to get there.

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  11. There are so many concepts about what lies after death. May I share mine with you?

    © 2019 Barbara Grace Lake

    I’m often asked what I believe.
    Do I know God? Do angels sit
    Upon my shoulders guiding me
    To do what’s right else I’d be wrong?
    And yet, without those astral hosts
    Would I an evil person be?

    I’ve lived my life eventfully
    So many friends and lovers too
    At times I help beleaguered man
    More often they then help me grow
    Becoming part of who I am
    Becoming part eternally

    But what of Heaven next I’m asked
    How do I see my end of life?
    Dear God it’s when I come to you
    Returning to the source of all
    Would Bible written “streets of gold”
    Compare with spatial vaults of stars

    I’ll see and be small flickering flames
    And watch them grow into vast worlds
    I’ll see a comet’s origin
    And flow with it across the void
    I’ll see an ever-rising sun
    Encompassing the whole of life

    I’ve come to life
    Where death is gone

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  12. David Bowie sagte mal in einem Interview, in diesem Universum geht nichts verloren, dem stimme ich zu, Energie wandelt such in neue Energie. Ob ich als Mensch wieder geboren werde oder als Baum strahle…. irgendwohin wird meine Energie fließen. Liebe Grüße Tete

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  13. Personally, I believe the Bible is the inspired word from God for the whole of humanity to live by. And I believe we all are accountable to him how we lived our life. I also believe Heaven and Hell is real.

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  14. I really love your posts, the humour in this post is praiseworthy. Why trouble ourselves with doubtful ideas of God and death? One thing is for sure, making others happy makes us happy. let us endeavour to do so.

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  15. Another great article for it is truly thought provoking. Although the three ideas are very old and well known it is always good to look upon them once again. You have brought them forth with your own energy and style and I appreciate it. I tend to agree more with your last sentence. Death is a mystery, no doubt about it. Life, the meaning of life, the purpose, the duty, the way we are to proceed, well, it is not a real mystery but it is a choice. The factor that seems to be the glue for beliefs such as Christianity, Judaism and Islam is faith. And faith is a personal issue and no one can argue with someone else’s faith. Therefore I think that the most important thing we can do is to enjoy life, treat each other like we would like to be treated and do what is good. We might find that on the “other” side things may just be like they are on this side…

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  16. Not only the logic, but the research results on reincarnation are increasingly compelling. One cannot simply dismiss the subject as wishful thinking. The reasons given for mainly not remembering previous lives (except in childhood or under deep hypnosis) are that this would generally defeat the object of each new cycle.
    Another theory held by those chatting with spirits is that none of it is real; we are all in a dream state and therefore global warming and wars and suchlike are of no consequence. This one is harder to assimilate.
    Certainly, there is a good deal of actual evidence for the continuation of individual existence one way or another, but not in the heaven/hell sense.

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  17. Absolutely love this writing. Blessed to see others like you. Very well written. Simple, and easy to understand. Unbiased and accepting, but puts your view across well.


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      1. Educated belief tested throughout life—specifically a personal relationship with God via faith in Jesus Christ’s death and resurrection. How do you know that your views weren’t indoctrinated…I ask respectfully?


      2. My views were thoroughly indoctrinated by a conventional Christian upbringing, until I started applying a bit of logic and common sense. How do you know that yours are not the product of indoctrination into accepting the unacceptable, believing the unbelievable, and failing to find that the ‘personal relationship’ is induced delusion?

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      3. Because they’ve been tested by other faiths and life experiences. Portions were beliefs and presumptions which I was eventually able to recognize and escape from. A personal relationship with a God I believe in is not a delusion No more than our writing back and forth is a delusion.


      4. If you are happy with where you are, then stay with it. Don’t be afraid to continue questioning, though.
        To me, the Garden of Eden story is absurd. Trouble is, the whole concept of Christian salvation hangs on it. What sort of a god would be guilty of such ineptitude and pettiness?

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      5. ACTUALLY…the whole concept of salvation is God’s only begotten son, Jesus Christ, fulfilling both the Jewish law and God’s law of love by living, dying to pay the ultimate price for humanity;s sins and then being resurrected from the deAD to be the first of many dying to themselves and living fir and in God’. I suppose igt is no more petty than parents who give their children all the opportunity in the world…and having their children blow them off! Now that would hurt! 🙂


  18. Yes I agree death is mystery. I just had a good friend die yesterday after a difficult illness. Is she gone to heaven or to hell? I doubt she will go to hell if it exists. Is she going to come back as another person? Perhaps. All I know is that she died on another continent and I knew the moment she had gone. I looked at my watch to note the time and calculate the time where she was. Later a friend notified me she had died and the time of her death. It was the time I had looked at my watch. What does this mean? I guess it is another mystery.

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  19. Death is the only intelligent counselor we have. How many times do you feel, as you always do, that everything is going wrong and that you are about to be annihilated, turn your head to your death and ask if it is. Death will tell you that you are wrong; that nothing matters except her touch. Your death will tell you, “I haven’t reached you yet!”

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  20. I appreciate your thoughts in the subject of death. I also believe in the holy writing and in God. The bible actually tells us what happens when we die. If you look at Pslams 146:4. There we learn when we die our “spirit go’s out, he returns to the ground, on that very day his thoughts do perish”. At Ecclesiates 9:5,10 it says “The living know that they will die, but the dead know nothing at all….Whatever your hands find to do, do with all your might, for there is no work not planning not knowledge nor wisdom in the Grave, where you are going. The bible also gives us the resurrection hope for our dead loved ones at John 5:28,29. Jesus showed he can resurrect when he walked the earth.

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  21. I wonder how suicide influences your consciousness or soul beyond this life (if we take soul as a concept that many people believe in and have personal evidence relating to Out Of Body Experiences and Near-Death Experiences). I have read some esoteric knowledge on the soul having to spend time in isolation in the spirit world with helpers (spirit guides, advanced beings). I suppose you are taking your life into your own hands (EGO) and not surrendering to the universe, consciousness (GOD) and not allowing GOD to decide when your life path is up. It’s hard to write about these things sometimes as we all have different definitions regarding words and beliefs and have read different things. We do not know for certain. But it is fascinating to speculate and mentally masturbate you could say over these topics…

    Thanks for your article. Thought provoking and open-minded.

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  22. Wow , impresionante concepcion acerca del hecho en si de la muerte , creo que en alguna forma nos hemos preguntado todos lo que sucede despues , es una forma apasionante de establecer una relacion entre esta existencia y la posibilidad de trascender … un saludo .. me agrado mucho leerte…

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  23. Life to me seems beautiful because of how messed up it is, where death is beautiful for its mystery.
    My boyfriend is an atheist and he really believes that there’s nothing after death, hence, he wants to live as much as he can. His idea of nothingness makes me wanna die, because of how peaceful it sounds, even if I didn’t realize it at the moment I’m dead in.
    Your way of sharing your thoughts is really interesting! Very excited to read more from you!

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  24. It is a good thought, a real one, you might be interested what the kabbalist say about this. It is a good thought that contains much depth on both of the points you mention here. May I also suggest one book called 32 Gates

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  25. For a while I believed in reincarnation, I say that because as a child I had remembered parts or glimpses of a prior life which ended tragically at a young age. Like most of such things you only remember parts. I clearly remembered a sea voyage on a liner. I dabbled for sometime in Buddhist thought and that reinforced my belief in reincarnation. The flaw that I still cannot get over is the concept of life as energy and its eternality. Consciousness and energy are separate and the consciousness is what can be transferred if there is reincarnation. If reincarnation is real why is it that so few people have memories of a prior life and why do those memories even for those that have them fade? Still wondering !!

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