Thoughts on death: Is it our end or the beginning?

There are various beliefs about the concept of death. Many believe that after we die we come back in this very world in a new form—reincarnation, many believe that after we die we are either punished for the sins we did when we were alive or rewarded for the goods we did when we were alive—Heaven and Hell, then there are the ones who believe there is nothing after death—the world, our existence, everything ceases for us. No matter what belief you follow, you are very certain that you will die one day for sure, it is something inevitable. But do we truly understand death?

If you consider the concept of reincarnation, and the fact that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, we, as a form of energy should not stop existing, we can only be transformed from one energy to another. This supports the reincarnation belief—we lose our previous form and transform into a new one. But why don’t we remember the happenings of our previous life? Is there any fault in the reincarnation process? What I think about it is that it might be because there exists a void or some other dimension. After we die, we exist in this void or the dimension without any sense of our existence or time—this makes our consciousness so numb that we lose the ability to use it. But the void is not a trap or inescapable. There must be a way to take the form of a new born from this very void. We somehow find a way back into the physical realm, but we can’t understand it properly because of the time spend in the void that numbed our consciousness. Now, we learn everything again from the beginning.

Coming to the second belief—Heaven and Hell, this is a fascinating concept given most of the people seem to believe it wholeheartedly, but there is a fault in this concept. If we look at it from the perspective of God, we can ask why God would create the world and us—a world where we are not instructed what exactly we are supposed to do, then punish or reward us based on what we did while trying to figure our purpose out. Isn’t it cruelty or unfair? We are reasonable beings, we sure can understand our purpose if we are told about it. The religions do talk about our instructions in their holy books, but they don’t talk about our purpose. Is our purpose to worship God and do as we are instructed to do in the holy books to receive the reward and to avoid the punishment? Again, from the perspective of God, why God would create a world with us in it and expect us to worship Him, and punish us if we don’t worship Him or don’t follow the instructions given in the holy books? Wouldn’t it make God a sadist? Is that how our creator is? It might be a famous belief for death, but it puts our God in a very negative image.

Lastly, the concept of nothingness can’t be argued against as there is no proof to go with it or against it. Death sure is a mystery, but I don’t think there is anything to be scared of it. I am not even saying that we should accept it, but we should live our lives questioning things to find some true answers. We will know how or what death is when we die, but as we live now, why don’t we live our lives in peace, helping each other out?


171 thoughts on “Thoughts on death: Is it our end or the beginning?

  1. Hello! I don’t believe in a God as a God who punishes, not even if you don’t worship him. I believe that we have free will, so we choose how we behave, and through life we ​​have to figure out our purpose.
    Have a great day!

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  2. Hellooo there! I am happy you liked my blog. I am looking forward to any of your comments or suggestions, or conversations about anything. 😊 welcome!
    Your new friend Liz. By the way, I just read your blog on whether death is the beginning or the end. Interesting… If you would like to discuss, please contact me, so we can correspond. Have a great day.

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  3. From the point of view of physics our body after death turns into another. Because nothing is created and destroyed. But the priests have invented the concept of soul that escapes the laws of physics. In fact it should be immortal, immutable and stainless. It joins our body at birth and leaves it after death. Then, depending on the religions, he goes to heaven or hell, or he mates with another body. In the case of reincarnation, while waiting to change body, the soul should stop in an unidentified vacuum. This emptiness. or the eternal void, as an Italian poet called it, would make the memories of a previous life vanish. But I think that there is no possibility of discovering it after death because we have already passed from that emptiness. In fact, before we were born we probably floated in nothingness and, of that experience, we have no recollection. But, as Catholic priests argue, one must have faith, that is, believe in what the holy scriptures say and do not ask too many questions. A simple and quick way to solve the enigma of death, similar in the three great monotheistic religions, which has had a poignant success, leaving many doubts to those who want to deepen the question. Ciao from Italy

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  4. I believe in life after death. You don’t have to be physically dead to be dead. I was once dead when I was living to please self, but now I’m alive in Him.
    I remember seeing my mother when she passed away. What I noticed most while viewing her body was her spirit being gone. On any given day, I can feel her presence, so to me, she’s still alive.

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  5. 1. “The God of a petty mind, is a Petty God.” J. Krishnamurti….Here is my thought on being a Great Spirit…..When a truly Great Spirit dies here on Earth they go on to become a Sun, and then they have charge of their own creation. Our own Sun is one of those Great Spirits, Look at the life it has made possible here on tiny Earth! So every day now I look up at the Sun (Carefully) and thank it for another day of life. Because it is sacrificing itself that we might have that life to enjoy (Or waste) Where would we be if the Sun decided tomorrow to turn itself off? I would suggest you give “The River Why?” by David James Duncan a read, best love/life story I ever read, I have bought at least 50 copies to give away to people who I thought would enjoy it, my local bookstore stocks it for me. I am the old Taoist on “The Last Page”.

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  6. This post is very interesting and I love it. As you mentioned, death is a mystery, no one after death has come back to tell what is going on. And again as you mentioned above we will find out when time come up. When me and my sister were young, I used to tell my sister, when i died , I will come to your dream and will let you know how is going in other world, but now I know , it was just a childish thought.

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    1. Personally I think we’d be wise to take in the meaning of the world ‘end’?
      So – are our lives all for nothing? The problem seems to be that humans have the abilty for logic thinking?
      Not even our closest relatives on Earth – the apes – would ponder such questions!
      Live your lives as best you can. Love and be loved! Time is ticking . . . When it’s over, it’s over!
      The most sensible you can do is to enjoy life whilst you may and appreciate your mother and father giving it to you!

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      1. I do not believe our lives are for nothing? There is an Iranian poet, Rumi. He has amazing poetry about life, death, love, … in one of his poetry he says, every day and night I am thinking about where i have come from? where i will go? I am wondering why God, did create me? what was the reason? I do not belong to this world, just for few days my soul is inside of my physical body. I believe in this however there is no explanation and proof for it. And yes as you say, I love my family and people. I always appreciated my parents for anything they did for us and hope one day meet them again 🙂

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  7. Very interesting post. I am a firm believer of what the Bible says about life, death and our purpose. Jehovah God creates all things (Genesis 1:1-31). Humans were created to be on the earth, to live happy healthy lives forever. We were also created to worship God but by doing so we benefit because we live according to the way he created us to live. Isaiah 48:17,18 says, “This is what Jehovah says, your Repurchaser, the Holy One of Israel:“I, Jehovah, am your God,The One teaching you to benefit yourself,The One guiding you in the way you should walk. If only you would pay attention to my commandments! Then your peace would become just like a riverAnd your righteousness like the waves of the sea.” God couldn’t be a sadist because he doesn’t gain any pleasure from inflicting pain. 3 Peter 3:9 mentions that God desires all to attain repentance and the scriptures mention time and again how God feels grieved or saddened by disciplining his people. Much like a loving parent doesn’t enjoy discipline their child but realize it’s necessity. John 5:28,29 and Acts 24:15 both mention a resurrection from death of both the righteous and the unrighteous so bad people don’t simply go to hell and good people don’t automatically go to heaven. Psalms 37:10,11 mentions the meek will possess the earth in the abundance of peace. Therefore, when we die we’re “asleep” in death until Jesus resurrects us to a paradise earth which was God’s original purpose with Adam and Eve before they sinned. Revelation 14 mentions 144,000 followers that will rule as kings and priests with Jesus. Only that small number will go to heaven. I believe that living according to bile principles is the best way of life. We may not being understand it completely but that because Jehovah God’s thoughts and ways are much higher and wiser than ours (Isaiah 55:9).

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  8. Like an ant to be squeezed underneath the soles of a 250 lbs guy wearing army boots?
    Why would you contemplate to come back at all?
    Are you confident that you’d be returning like a taxpayer yet again?
    There are definite risks to life, but – nothing at all compared to a possible re-birth (if such exists at all? 🙂 )

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  9. And a that stage – what do you propose to do with that information?
    Kind of late, don’t you think? My huble stand: What you’d want to do, you’d better do it whilst you’re still alive!
    Thus I don’t use much time to ponder whether I’m right or wrong on this subject. Only what I may change before death! And I’m saying this at the age of 82! (No worries!)

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  10. I love this kind of discussion – everyone believes something else and so the arguments never stop coming 🙂 Just thinking about it, musing about it, makes me happy. Because there’s no clear answer.

    I believe in reincarnation. However, I’ve declared this to be my last life. I don’t care who’s “up there” or in charge or whatnot. I am never coming back. Just imagine having to go through another life AGAIN… *sigh* it makes me exhausted even thinking about it.

    I once had a session with someone about past lives. She told me she believes our souls choose to learn important lessons around a certain theme. It takes (many) lives to learn all there is to know about a certain topic, so we keep coming back to earth to learn more. We “forget” what we’ve done before, but it’s all safely locked inside of us, so we can go through more trials and tests to grow as souls without ever really losing what we’ve learned thus far. Maybe we even have to make the same mistakes a few times over before we get it.

    I thought that was a very nice point of view.

    I’m still never coming back again, though :p

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  11. Because they are all man made ideas none of them work. The bible states at genesis 2:7 tells us where we came from and genesis 3:19 tells us what happens to us after death. There are many more but in order to find out, the bible must be studied. God did not leave us here alone to find out. He sets the standard for right and wrong. When we obey these things we have a chance to be brought back to life. John 17:3. To learn more visit all free of charge.

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      1. I have read that after death you are given time to self reflect and analyse te mistakes you have made in your life..and learn from them..and recognize the shortcomings you want to overcome to become an ideal human being who can be one with god

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      2. That is one way to put it. However, we will still have to figure ourselves out every time we reborn in this physical world. We can reflect in this world too, if we try to, but we prefer not to. We just live through it leaving the consequences for later.

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  12. You are right there are many views on what happens when we die but the bible tells us what happens when we die. Ecclesiates 9:5,10 says ” The living know they will die, but the dead know nothing at all…whatever your hands find to do, do with all your might, for there is no work, nor planning, nor knowledge, nor wisdom in the Grave where you are going.” The good news is Jesus died as a ransom sacrifice and gave us the resurrection hope, John 5:28,29

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  13. Reblogged this on and commented:
    A very interesting and thought provoking article by fellow blogger Rashidul.huda. We need more involvement with the involvement of deep thought and questioning of old religious dogma.

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  14. It’s the ending of one thing and the beginning of another.

    In Taoism they talk about an immortal Spirit body that you can transfer your consciousness to after death.This Spirit body would liberate one from the reincarnation cycle. Seems similar to the Rainbow Body in Buddhism.

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  15. This is a topic that is very rare to hear people talking about. Nobody wants to die. yes, nobody wants to die. I could remember when I was still growing up, I liked talking about it but my mother on several occasions had warned me to resist such an attitude.

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