Thoughts on death: Is it our end or the beginning?

There are various beliefs about the concept of death. Many believe that after we die we come back in this very world in a new form—reincarnation, many believe that after we die we are either punished for the sins we did when we were alive or rewarded for the goods we did when we were alive—Heaven and Hell, then there are the ones who believe there is nothing after death—the world, our existence, everything ceases for us. No matter what belief you follow, you are very certain that you will die one day for sure, it is something inevitable. But do we truly understand death?

If you consider the concept of reincarnation, and the fact that energy can neither be created nor destroyed, we, as a form of energy should not stop existing, we can only be transformed from one energy to another. This supports the reincarnation belief—we lose our previous form and transform into a new one. But why don’t we remember the happenings of our previous life? Is there any fault in the reincarnation process? What I think about it is that it might be because there exists a void or some other dimension. After we die, we exist in this void or the dimension without any sense of our existence or time—this makes our consciousness so numb that we lose the ability to use it. But the void is not a trap or inescapable. There must be a way to take the form of a new born from this very void. We somehow find a way back into the physical realm, but we can’t understand it properly because of the time spend in the void that numbed our consciousness. Now, we learn everything again from the beginning.

Coming to the second belief—Heaven and Hell, this is a fascinating concept given most of the people seem to believe it wholeheartedly, but there is a fault in this concept. If we look at it from the perspective of God, we can ask why God would create the world and us—a world where we are not instructed what exactly we are supposed to do, then punish or reward us based on what we did while trying to figure our purpose out. Isn’t it cruelty or unfair? We are reasonable beings, we sure can understand our purpose if we are told about it. The religions do talk about our instructions in their holy books, but they don’t talk about our purpose. Is our purpose to worship God and do as we are instructed to do in the holy books to receive the reward and to avoid the punishment? Again, from the perspective of God, why God would create a world with us in it and expect us to worship Him, and punish us if we don’t worship Him or don’t follow the instructions given in the holy books? Wouldn’t it make God a sadist? Is that how our creator is? It might be a famous belief for death, but it puts our God in a very negative image.

Lastly, the concept of nothingness can’t be argued against as there is no proof to go with it or against it. Death sure is a mystery, but I don’t think there is anything to be scared of it. I am not even saying that we should accept it, but we should live our lives questioning things to find some true answers. We will know how or what death is when we die, but as we live now, why don’t we live our lives in peace, helping each other out?

229 thoughts on “Thoughts on death: Is it our end or the beginning?

  1. rashidul. huda, Since no-one has ever come back to talk about it, (Death, that is) Who knows? My Lady of 35 + years just passed, yet she has not said one word to me, even tho I try to talk to Her every-day….Did She enter a Heaven or a Hell? The Great Mystery of Life is What comes after we depart? I, personally, think the entry into the supposed Heaven is narrow, and the only way to gain entry is to be a naked, and helpless as the day one was born into this world….Leave all the $$$$$ behind, the Ego, the pretensions of Greatness, and then perhaps, one may gain entry, and Heaven, by the way is not paved with Gold streets. Gold & Money are useless there. The inhabitants of Heaven just Love One and the Other……Enough said…..

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      1. Do we finally find Peace when we depart this unruly world, or do our thoughts depart with us, as well as any doubts we held onto? Who is to know until we arrive there in the Valley of Death? I think there is a Fine Line, between Life & Death, a fine line that cannot be crossed, each must experience both worlds, all alone, and each world teaches us some-thing about our-selves, it is not a shared experience, I can no more come back from the land of the dead than you can go from the land of the living, into the land of the dead unless you die…..Where does it Begin & Where does it End? Or is there ever an END?

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    1. It is unfortunate that so many people believe that our knowledge of death is so limited, as it is not as limited as many believe. Many HAVE returned to speak of death. Some of their stories have even been recorded by very good scientists (such as Ian Stevenson). The only problem is that these stories are not widely known, and that our mainstream media is discouraging us from finding out about them.
      Stevenson is not the only modern researcher to look into this subject. There have been many. Some have found memories of many past lifetimes, buried under the desire to stay focused on the current one. And so we have actually learned quite a bit about death and how we are forced to return and begin the cycle once again. The full range of discoveries is actually quite amazing. If you look for this data you can find it.

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  2. Happiness, I think, is not something to be Found, it is either in us, or we learn to live without it, and a world with-out happiness, is a sad place to be. This is not such a happy place for me, or many humans, when the animals, birds, and insects which make this a Livable World, are disappearing at an ever greater rate!,,, What world are we leaving to our children? A world bereft of the life we enjoyed, of Elephants & Whales & Creatures Great and Small? So soon the only memory of them will be in old issues of Natural Geographic Magazines. Such a lonely place to live in; to have a life, with no life left to share in it…….

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  3. I look forward to the 2020 version of this blog. Perhaps you can then provide more answers to some of the provocative questions you raise about death and the beginning of the universe then. . Happy Holidays.

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  4. It’s holiday! Enjoy peace, light and warmth with your loved ones. Give with all your heart and open your soul to receive love and happiness. Let your soul be reborn and live every day as an invaluable gift.

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  5. No body exactly tell to everyone what is the situation after die.
    Depend what we read and what we trust either from parents or friends.
    But, i agree for the last.
    We have play the life for happiness and blow up the happiness to the others.
    Doing good.

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  6. I like this topic you wrote about – it’s very interesting and does make one think. I, personally, don’t think we’re meant to live one life – how can we achieve perfection the way the holy books instruct in one life time? I think we’re supposed to live our lives being the best we can be every day – to ourselves and to others. If we do right, if we share what is right, if we teach what we know is right – not only do we find happiness – we help others find happiness as well.

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  7. Nice overview! In response to your statement, “the religions do talk about our instructions in their holy books, but they don’t talk about our purpose,” Jesus and others in the Bible do, in fact, define our purpose: to know and love our Creator (John 3:16, John 17:3, Romans 8:28, and many passages). One famous summary, The Westminster Catechism, puts it this way: “Man’s chief end is to glorify God, and to enjoy him forever.”

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    1. Thank you very much for your comment. You are very insightful. I do believe in God. However, I have a concern. Why did God create us to glorify him? Why does our creator need us to worship him? How can worshipping God be our only purpose in a world that has so many things to learn about? Do you think we can learn about the things we call unholy if we stay true to our creator all the time? Shouldn’t we try to figure out our existence our way instead of blindly believing in a God?

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      1. It’s important to not think of God as a human being (even a superhuman one), to view him as some imperfect person, however powerful, who egocentrically demands we focus on Him all the time. God is perfect and infinitely loving. He doesn’t need us, we need Him. He doesn’t need our love, we need His. He is, in fact, love itself in its truest and purest form (1 John 4:7-11). All other loves are merely a shadow or echo of His infinite love. To know Him is to love and worship Him, to become our true selves (John 17:3). And “staying true to our creator all the time” is no more limiting than a fish staying true to water. It was made for the water; outside the water it perishes. As C.S. Lewis put it, “God cannot give us a happiness and peace apart from Himself, because it is not there.”

        As far as trying “to figure out our existence,” I can only tell you that I was never able to do that apart from God–and believe me, I tried. I do not blindly believe, I believe because I’ve come to know and trust Him, particularly as He is revealed in the words, life and character of Jesus.

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      2. These are questions which you can learn more about. Of course, science currently is not interested in these questions. But some people are. And some of them have looked, not just theorized, and found some very surprising things.


  8. Thanks for your well-written and thought provoking post. Death is a taboo subject in many cultures but it’s important to talk about it, break down our fears and ask those difficult questions. Religion was invented to combat our fears and keep us under control. Personally I go with the reincarnation theory.

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  9. I believe in reincarnation. I think we are born in to learn a specific core lesson or concept. I think we relive that life level until we learn the lesson. Finally when each of us has learnt our core lesson we return this wisdom to the ether. I believe we are more than the sum of our parts.

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  10. Interesting read and an intriguing point of view. An inquiring mind is what God created in us and free will. I understand your ideas but having experienced the love of God for myself, I have purposed, no one has told this to me, when we die, we fully take with us the person who we were while living. I also do not believe we exist in a void and lose ourselves. But of course this is my take on it. I respect your questions and theories. Peace my sister.

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  11. As a feminist, environmentalist, prophet, mystic, former Christian, My “God” is the only one I can identify with now. She is ever and only Our Great Mother and the only One with the power, authority and good sense to rescue humanity from the looming extinction we are giving ourselves right now. To get to what She is telling us now you will have to continue to read my blog.
    For starters. ponder this: We are all equal. No one, including the president of The United States is any more or less important than anyone else. Look at our DNA for proof.

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