The Unknown Space Theory.

You might be very familiar with the Big Bang theory that says that our universe began from a single originating point and from there on, it has been expanding ever since. Within this expanding space we call the universe, exists the entirety of space, time, matter, energy, the physical laws and the constants that describe them, and all the things that we know of, can see or can’t see—it all exists in the universe. It is fascinating to think that all these things came into existence only because that point in space exploded and began expanding for some unknown reason. Anyway, my argument is not about the existence of our universe, but where does our universe exist.

It is highly debated what is beyond our universe, but no one has been able to come up with an answer that makes sense. When asked about it, well celebrated physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking said there can’t be anything beyond our universe if the universe came from nothing and brought everything into existence.

It makes sense, but there might be a thing that we don’t take in consideration—if the point that began the universe existed, where did it exist, in what space? It couldn’t have been under the same forces of our universe because if it did it would mean the point existed in our universe before our universe came into existence—it wouldn’t make sense. It definitely must have been under a different force.

Now, for the sake of argument, if you add the Multiverse theory here that talks about having multiple universes, maybe you can say the point existed in some other universe that we are a part of, it would make sense, but our parent universe must have existed somewhere too, where does it exist, in what space? Can universes even exist within universes that exist within universes? Maybe, but all the universes must exist somewhere, in some space. This is the Unknown Space.

Depiction of the big bang, edited image.

In the figure above, you can see that when we put the Big Bang theory on paper, we assume a point existing in the space, where, it is not precisely defined, it’s just somewhere in the space, and with its explosion, it kept occupying the space it was in bringing everything we know into existence. Here, if you say the space the explosion created, and the space that existed before the explosion, are the same, I will disagree. As, as I said before, the point must have been under a different force that doesn’t exist within our universe. This force might be keeping our universe in its place. And if you say the universe doesn’t need any kind of force from the outside to hold it together, it itself keeps itself together, then still, it doesn’t dismiss the idea of existence of a space beyond our universe. The unknown space exists and our universe keeps occupying this unknown space. We yet can’t consider the existence of this unknown space because we have accepted that everything that we know and see in our universe is all there is, plus, we can’t imagine the unimaginable.

I’m strongly saying there must be a space out of our universe because this space could be the answer to our higher form of existence. If only we can understand what this unknown space is and how it functions, we might be able to understand a force greater than the forces that exist in our universe. And if we can somehow learn to have access and control over this unknown space, we might be able to travel through universes, or maybe through dimensions. The mystery of this unknown space is what is keeping us bound to this universe of ours. If only we can figure this unknown space out, we might reach a new level of our existence.

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  1. I have a theory about both the big bang and God. It’s called video-game theory. (just hear me out) the first thing you do when you want to play a video game is turn on the screen, when you turn it on, there is often a “spark” of white light in the middle of the black screen. That’s the big bang, and the video player is God. Then he starts to create things, stars, planets, moons, etc. He starts to customize the planets by adding people, animals, plants, and other things. His game avatar is Jesus, the Holy Spirit are his instructions, and we are NPC’s. I honestly don’t know what to think about “unknown space”, but there is definitely space that is unknown to us at the moment!

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    1. Wow I’m amazed, I never thought about it that way! Thank you very much for your comment. Honestly, I don’t think that might be the case, but it is a very interesting theory. Maybe we will meet our end when God decides to pull the plug😉

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    2. Here is a different take on your VGT .

      God’s Word is the software, our Soul is the hardware & our Heart is the operating system.

      And God has carefully designed a “backdoor” into our heart to enter at will that is challenged every step of the way by darkness.


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    1. According to a new study, the universe might be infinitely old and infinitely large, so it is possible that there were many big bangs before our universe came into existence. There is no solid proof to back it up, but it sure is a possibility.

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  2. Just imagined that time is a kind of physical matter that is produced by physical things and that in areas of the universe that don’t contain physical matter time is as absent as temperature we can easily drop the Big Bang Theory. Our universe is the one and only universe and has literally been always there, only the physical matter inside is changing, developing, moving and producing.

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    1. I think that our general assumptions about time and what it is is based on an error. In so far the Creation believers are probably on the right path, all things we know come out of eternity and get back into eternity😊

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    2. Thank you very much for your comment. I think the same thing about time. We need the Big Bang theory because it keeps us satisfied, it makes us feel we know about our existence. But if I have to be honest, I don’t think we have anything figured out yet.

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  3. I’ve read the Urantia book cover to cover. You may find Part 1 interesting. From what I gather, as you move out of the hologram perceived as space in our local universe you get to higher dimensions ruled by Time which also changes past our star, The Sun. Then as you get to Galactic Center it’s timelessness. The VISION of spatial things is an illusion for the purposes of body learning. In truth, our mind, it’s feelings, ideas and values as well as memories are eternal.

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      1. You’re one of the few people I know who’ve read it. It also says the dinosaurs starved to death because their brains were too small for their huge bodies to find food. No asteroid. Oh, and my favorite, Mary was not a virgin. She and Joseph were perfectly normal in conceiving Jesus. LOL.

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      2. Haha yes. There is no proof though, to back these theories, but they sure are fun to read. It made me think things a bit differently. I don’t believe in most of the things mentioned in the book, but as an open minded person, you can’t avoid a read😉


  4. I think, even as intelligent as many scientists are, humankind has put the existence of the universe into a tidy box and wrapped it up with very nice explanations, which are very logical and can probably be calculated on a chalkboard.

    Our minds have not reached a level of development that can, for most, consider transcendent possibilities of existence.

    If there was a Big Bang, who is to say there was only one? Maybe it was like cornels if popcorn. As you mentioned about the possibility of “multiverse” existence, no scientist can prove such a theory impossible and what human could ever imagine what that scenario would look like. The possibilities are endless and mind boggling.

    How big is our universe anyway and who is going to prove any theory, right or wrong, until humankind develops for another two hundred years and can overcome the constraints of our own minds, thus overcoming restrictions of our current limited technology for space travel.

    Hopefully, the human race can get past its arrogance by then and realize we don’t know what we don’t know – and perception is the only truth we understand and is what creates our current reality.

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  5. I’d like to “speculate” that the universe can be infinitely large as well as infinitely small. And that there are endless possibilities of the chemical and physical possibilities in between. And that the full truth of it all will never be known.

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  6. An interesting analysis but, I think, flawed to the extent it is materially based. A scientific explanation can only take us so far. Like the ancient Greeks, I believe there had to be a First Cause (God) to initiate that Big Bang. God, by definition, is a spiritual being who exists beyond space and time.

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  7. I believe in the Big Bang Theory. God spoke and bang there it was.
    But to your Multiverse theory has inspired my imagination . . .
    What if all those Multiverses are out there beyond our universe, hundreds of thousands of them, and we could travel to them and see what our lives could have been if only . . . What kind of a vacation would we have? How would it affect our lives? Which universe is the correct version of ourselves? Is there a correct version.
    Would we run into other versions of ourselves who are asking the same questions?
    How would we interact?
    Or maybe it’s just better to figure out who we rare right where we are.
    Mmm . . . I fell a story brewing.

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    1. A version of the simulation hypothesis was first theorised as a part of a philosophical argument on the part of René Descartes, and later by Hans Moravec. The philosopher Nick Bostrom developed an expanded argument examining the probability of our reality being a simulation. This is quite interesting!

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  8. I suspect the space is a hard drive and when we die our carbon avatar returns to be played another day. What if GOD stands for Gaming Officer of Development? On bad days I can’t help wonder if I’m on the other side saying “Who’s idea was it to play this game anyway?” What if the big bang was just someone hitting the start or publish button on the hologram game called planet earth? One just never knows but its fascinating to consider the endless possibilities.

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