The thing wrong with all the females.

Don’t get any wrong idea because of the title, I’m not going to judge or complain about you beautiful souls, I just want to share an observation about you that you don’t seem to understand yourself. You can’t, you couldn’t have seen it because you live it, this might be a trap that you created for yourself out of complete unawareness of a male mind. I say a male mind because a male mind and a female mind work very differently, and in our current world where things are changing drastically, where male and female are somewhat becoming equal, you, as a female, you highly need to understand what a male mind goes through if you want to co-exist in the modern world as equals. Let’s start the argument from the beginning.

Females from a very young age are adored for their beauty, why not, they are, and as they grow older, their beauty becomes the centre of everything. They are approached by males because of their beauty, they are highly favoured if they are beautiful, they get a lot of attention because of their beauty, this might not be right to say but females do get a lot of advantages than males because of their beauty, and with this kind of favours and advantages, from a very young age, females begin to perceive beauty as the way of life. That’s why there are all kinds of cosmetics and designer clothes and jewelleries to make them feel beautiful. But do you really need all those things to feel beautiful?

Apart from the females, males are not that concerned about their looks because the society doesn’t grow them that way. A male is grown to be more concerned about his life, about how he is going to make a living, and because of the pressure the society puts on them they perceive work as their way of life. That’s the basic difference between the minds of a male and a female. A female mind prioritize beauty, and a male mind prioritize work. Because of this very difference in their priorities, there is always a conflict between the two genders. The conflict is not because we want to fight with each other, it is because that’s how we are grown by the society, and because of the way that the society builds the females, it leaves them very vulnerable. A man can always go on with his life, anyone can go on with their lives if they know how to make a living, but females are meant to just look good which doesn’t guarantee them a way of making a living. This as a result, makes the females become dependent on the males. Somebody might have had this thought to dominate the females and somehow, they managed to convince the entire world that this was the way of the world. It could be some another conspiracy but nobody talks about it—but that’s not my point.

Females do get a lot of appreciation and attention at a young age from the males because that’s the age when both the genders are able to live carefree. They are mostly in schools or colleges for which they are dependent on their parents. At this point of their lives they both are equally available as none of them have much idea about the real world, but as things start getting real, and the society makes them sure of their priorities, things begin to change.

Males become inclined to work while females stick with looking beautiful, males focus their full concentration on making a living while females stick with looking beautiful, males find work stressful and complain about it but all the females care about is looking beautiful. And after a point the difference between their priorities become difficult for each other, things fall apart—males seem to lose interest from the females they adored so much leaving them back to vulnerability. At this point females think they are not appreciated and don’t get much attention because they don’t look good anymore, which gives business to plastic surgeons, make-up industries, body augmenters, and maybe, feminism?

The thing that females need to keep in mind is that you are beautiful, you are very beautiful whatever the way you are, but your world doesn’t have to revolve around it. Know that we are appreciated for what we do, not for how we look. Appreciation of looks might matter at the young age when we are not mature enough to understand the real world, but it doesn’t matter when you are a full-grown adult. So suck it up and focus on the work, you will be appreciated and adored.


174 thoughts on “The thing wrong with all the females.

  1. “males find work stressful and complain about it but all the females care about is looking beautiful”
    I totally disagree .If you said that this was the case a few decades ago I can accept it ,but now women have become independent and most don’t care about what the society believes to be”beautiful”. Everyone has found their inner beauty rather than sitting in the house looking beautiful.I woudn’t say that your po

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    1. I wouldn’t say that your post is wrong but certain aspects of it are surely inaccurate .You have rightfully expressed your opinions. But women have surely evolved and surely the people have too .We can’t say that men don’t care about their looks , actually they do .Like you said women are forced to look beautiful ,even men are expected to look handsome .So at the end of the day we all want to stop such qualities from defining us

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