The thing wrong with all the females.

Don’t get any wrong idea because of the title, I’m not going to judge or complain about you beautiful souls, I just want to share an observation about you that you don’t seem to understand yourself. You can’t, you couldn’t have seen it because you live it, this might be a trap that you created for yourself out of complete unawareness of a male mind. I say a male mind because a male mind and a female mind work very differently, and in our current world where things are changing drastically, where male and female are somewhat becoming equal, you, as a female, you highly need to understand what a male mind goes through if you want to co-exist in the modern world as equals. Let’s start the argument from the beginning.

Females from a very young age are adored for their beauty, why not, they are, and as they grow older, their beauty becomes the centre of everything. They are approached by males because of their beauty, they are highly favoured if they are beautiful, they get a lot of attention because of their beauty, this might not be right to say but females do get a lot of advantages than males because of their beauty, and with this kind of favours and advantages, from a very young age, females begin to perceive beauty as the way of life. That’s why there are all kinds of cosmetics and designer clothes and jewelleries to make them feel beautiful. But do you really need all those things to feel beautiful?

Apart from the females, males are not that concerned about their looks because the society doesn’t grow them that way. A male is grown to be more concerned about his life, about how he is going to make a living, and because of the pressure the society puts on them they perceive work as their way of life. That’s the basic difference between the minds of a male and a female. A female mind prioritize beauty, and a male mind prioritize work. Because of this very difference in their priorities, there is always a conflict between the two genders. The conflict is not because we want to fight with each other, it is because that’s how we are grown by the society, and because of the way that the society builds the females, it leaves them very vulnerable. A man can always go on with his life, anyone can go on with their lives if they know how to make a living, but females are meant to just look good which doesn’t guarantee them a way of making a living. This as a result, makes the females become dependent on the males. Somebody might have had this thought to dominate the females and somehow, they managed to convince the entire world that this was the way of the world. It could be some another conspiracy but nobody talks about it—but that’s not my point.

Females do get a lot of appreciation and attention at a young age from the males because that’s the age when both the genders are able to live carefree. They are mostly in schools or colleges for which they are dependent on their parents. At this point of their lives they both are equally available as none of them have much idea about the real world, but as things start getting real, and the society makes them sure of their priorities, things begin to change.

Males become inclined to work while females stick with looking beautiful, males focus their full concentration on making a living while females stick with looking beautiful, males find work stressful and complain about it but all the females care about is looking beautiful. And after a point the difference between their priorities become difficult for each other, things fall apart—males seem to lose interest from the females they adored so much leaving them back to vulnerability. At this point females think they are not appreciated and don’t get much attention because they don’t look good anymore, which gives business to plastic surgeons, make-up industries, body augmenters, and maybe, feminism?

The thing that females need to keep in mind is that you are beautiful, you are very beautiful whatever the way you are, but your world doesn’t have to revolve around it. Know that we are appreciated for what we do, not for how we look. Appreciation of looks might matter at the young age when we are not mature enough to understand the real world, but it doesn’t matter when you are a full-grown adult. So suck it up and focus on the work, you will be appreciated and adored.

225 thoughts on “The thing wrong with all the females.

  1. “Males become inclined to work while females stick with looking beautiful, males focus their full concentration on making a living while females stick with looking beautiful, males find work stressful and complain about it but all the females care about is looking beautiful.”
    This, in no way resembles the women I know. Sorry.

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  2. “males find work stressful and complain about it but all the females care about is looking beautiful”
    I totally disagree .If you said that this was the case a few decades ago I can accept it ,but now women have become independent and most don’t care about what the society believes to be”beautiful”. Everyone has found their inner beauty rather than sitting in the house looking beautiful.I woudn’t say that your po

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    1. I wouldn’t say that your post is wrong but certain aspects of it are surely inaccurate .You have rightfully expressed your opinions. But women have surely evolved and surely the people have too .We can’t say that men don’t care about their looks , actually they do .Like you said women are forced to look beautiful ,even men are expected to look handsome .So at the end of the day we all want to stop such qualities from defining us

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  3. It is true that women who look good have advantages at work and men find them attractive, but every woman should not define herself as good looking, but over what she is capable of.
    I recognized that at a very young age and focused on my career and not on whether others find me beautiful.
    Only those, who are satisfied with themselves, will radiate that too and in old age that is much, much more important than wrinkle-free appearance. Hope my English is understandable.
    By the way, why don’t you include the widget “translator” on your blog?
    Nice weekend, Sigrid

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  4. Every person is created different and cannot be categorized into perceptions. Some of the smartest and hardest working individuals I have observed are women. Women provide excellent intellectual ability and thought. Many times women have to work extra hard to compete for, and achieve their goals and dreams. There are men who have no drive to achieve and who do not take responsibility. That in itself can negatively impact a family unit and the woman has to pick up the slack. I especially feel for single mothers who have to make a living because the dad has disappeared from the scene, or has become non-productive. Of course, there are variances in each scenario – which proves my point that we can’t group any particular person or gender emphatically. Good work on triggering viewpoints and analysis. 🙂

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  5. Coucou mon Ami

    Et bien si nous dessinions un rêve
    Il faudrait qu’il soit beau bien entendu
    Il faudrait qu’il soit doux, cela va de soi
    Il faudrait qu’il donne envie, ce serait l’essentiel
    Il faudrait que ses couleurs soient merveilleuses, c’est évident

    Si, cette réalité, nous la faisions belle et douce
    Pleine d’envie et remplie de couleurs merveilleuses
    Si nous la copions sur nos rêves
    Alors nous ressemblerions à des gens heureux
    C’est avec ce petit écris que je viens
    Te souhaiter une belle semaine de douceur et que le soleil soit au rendez-vous dans ta demeure

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  6. Not sure if this is an article or a blog but either way I really enjoyed reading it with my cup of coffee next to me. Great way to start my morning with a better understanding with how men and females are designed to be. Thank you for liking my blog posts

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  7. Well, I am a female and from what I understand from males is that i am an attractive one. The difficulty here from my perspective is having males see past what i have on the outside to see deep into who i am on the inside and find the beauty there ❤ thanks for your openness to share your male perspective.

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  8. Great post by the way. Loved the topic. I agree with you in some areas. As a girl I have to say not all girls are oriented towards their beauty and some are towards work ,career and job. And one more point I would like to point out. The society has oriented this into women’s mind centuries ago that she has to look presentable and attractive to a man. This is same in the animal kingdom.look the male lions have mane and peacocks are more colourful with there long tales. It’s a order of nature we can’t change it but rather accept it
    I guess this trend is continuing still now.
    Keep blogging. Have a great day
    Regards dessert flower 🌸

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  9. You are right with your point of view. But things are not changing. Nowadays, men still possess 90 per cent of the land and 90 per cent of the financial assets. We are granted more freedom in these days but that is, as I stress, granted by the powerful because they want a surplus of “manpower” to keep wages as low as possible.

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  10. The problem with males is assuming you understand anything about females. We may strive for beauty but that is not our sole focus! Careers, children, marriage or no marriage, individuality, fighting for equality, these are the things women strive for. There are countless other goals we as ladies strive for. And we can look as pretty or as plain as we want while doing it all.

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  11. Hi, while I respect your opinions and thoughts on the subject I don’t completely agree with them. This is indeed true that our society moulds and treats both male and female very differently but being a female myself I can’t identify with the female perspective that you have provided. The present age females, as far as I know, want to be taken seriously for the work they do and not to be reduced to just a thing of beauty.

    The part where you question Feminism and say that “The thing that females need to keep in mind is that you are beautiful, you are very beautiful whatever the way you are, but your world doesn’t have to revolve around it.” I would like to point out that Feminism also stands for the same thing i.e. treating women like the way you treat men. There is a lot to a woman than just her physical beauty and more than the females, I think, men of today’s generation need to understand that so that they can treat everyone alike by basing it all on their capabilities and hard work and not on how they look.

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  12. I couldn’t keep reading this ludicrous post. I have never been treated or felt they way you have portrayed females in this post and it is sickening that you think from the day we are born it is all about ‘beauty’. Read some real research and ask females first, before making these kind of delusional comments!!

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  13. I wonder if you are just trying to be provocative with this article? The thought process presented seems like that of an elementary school child. I just retired from 40 years as a specialist in wealth management. One of my best friends just retired from more than 35 years as a pilot flying A330s for one of America’s largest airlines. She was homecoming queen in high school, so yes, she is beautiful, but serious. Other female friends run their own businesses while raising children, one presides as a judge in court, another runs a medical practice, and another a farm. Women are quite capable people. Maybe you are having a hormonal reaction if the only thing you can see when you look at a woman is her beauty and then you assume the female needs you (a male) to live her life. Maybe next time you see a beautiful woman, engage her in conversation about what she does or what her aspirations in life are. I hope you will be enlightened.

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  14. To an extent, your view of the way we are shaped by society at birth is true. However, the remainder is not that true in today’s world. The view you portray is 4 generations ago. Most women have moved on from viewing their looks above all else. Their self-worth and interests are about much more than this unless they are in the entertainment or fashion industry. Smart women are able to fend for themselves and are not expecting a man to take care of them for the rest of their lives.

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  15. It’s not any easy thing to be praised for beauty. They might be lucky who are beautiful but not each woman is so. This is your view. But you actually know nothing about women.
    Being known for the beauty is like curse for them. Even we feel that we should be appreciated for our work and not the physical appearance. But in some countries women are just being judged from how they appear physically. No one even cares what a girl wants to achieve in her life, what are ambitions, dreams. If she isn’t beautiful enough to hitch a successful man all of her is in vein. That’s the tendency we have.
    But even woman wants to prove herself through her work. She also wants to show the world what she can do with the help of her wisdom and intelligence. A woman wants to show the society that she has existence & she is something even without her beauty. Her grace or beauty is bot everything for her. She has her own existence which can be proved by her own work.

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  16. A lot of people got triggered. lol

    I think you hit some buttons, while i think your intent was NOT to generalize, it remains true that there are people, women and men alike, that are superficial and focus all their existence into a specific (sometimes easily displayable) trait that it’s sure to reap them some kind of results or benefits in life. Denying this it’s proof of being out of touch with reality.

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  17. I think you have a very flawed perspective of human beings. It’s really sad that you believe all women are exactly the same, that they all value beauty over hard work and finding fulfillment through creativity. I’m not going to roast you, because I just feel really bad for you.

    Women are all different. Men are all different. If women were truly satisfied with just looking good and getting attention for looking good, than the first/second/third waves of feminism wouldn’t have happened. Why would married women work? Why would we have had people like Mary Wollstonecraft and Marie Curie.

    You need to rethink your views.

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  18. Haha, also I will contribute to the discussion. I think a few generations back it was absolutely necessary for a young female to be beautiful to have any chances in life. As far as Europe is concerned, I am talking about the time until the mid 1980. And then it was not for the poor people, as poor people always had to work, men, women, children, no matter what they looked like. In my grandparent’s generation, around the 1900s, that started to change. In my parent’s generation, around 1920s, the majority of the women were already working, at least parttime, and in my generation, around 1950s and all later generations it was necessary that both parts in a marriage worked, because otherwise one could not afford to have children and a for Europe comparatively normal lifestyle. So, you are maybe a little bit out of date, but you are right in that many females tend to use their tricks on men to achieve something, while at the same time expecting equal rights … 😉 … which they still haven’t got, they still get lower wages for the same work … And men are thinking more about their looks nowadays and use more and more skin care articles etc.

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  19. There are women who do not come under the conventional ideas of beauty or do not conform to the idea of getting by in life with just looks (not that there is anything wrong with that) who have come to the same conclusion you did. This looks like the scenario of India in the 90’s. Yet, I have friends who have given up on everything to get married.

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