The best way to cope with depression.

If you ever have had those days when you felt worthless, worthless like you don’t matter and it would be better if you didn’t even exist at all, you might understand what depression is, or maybe, you are already going through it right now. In psychological terms, “depression is a mood or emotional state that is marked by feelings of low self-worth or guilt and a reduced ability to enjoy life”, which describes depression very well but it is not that simple to understand. If you are familiar with this phase of life you might have experienced a lot of other feelings too that you can’t even point your finger to. Depression doesn’t hit everyone the same way, you might have experienced certain things that others didn’t or don’t and vice versa. But no matter how severe or unique your illness might be, there is a common practical treatment for it that you can carry on by yourself—and it is as simple as making a routine.

A routine is all you need to cope with depression. This routine will keep you on track and make you adhere to reality instead of letting you fall deeply into the trap of your own mind. This simple routine should include all the things that you should be doing in a normal day without these haunting thoughts. For example, go through the routine that I followed during the time I was in the same pit:

8 AM – Wake up

8 to 9 AM – Stretch, brush, take a bath, get ready for school/college

9 AM – Have breakfast

9:30 AM – Leave for school/college

12 PM – Have a snack

3:30 PM – Get home and have lunch

4 to 6 PM – Sleep, read, watch TV, play games, or something

6 PM – Have a snack

7 PM – Exercise, take a bath

7:30 to 9 PM – Sleep, read, watch TV, play games, or something

9 PM – Have dinner

9:30 PM – Brush and take vitamins

10 to 11 PM – Read, watch TV, play games, or something

11 PM – Turn off all the electronics and try to fall asleep

This simple routine was healthy for me as I would fall asleep by 12, wake up at 8, get full 8 hours of sleep, eat properly, exercise even, I maintained a healthy circle of friends, I maintained my studies, and slowly with time things kept changing for me. I recommend you to make a routine because it helps you understand how a normal day should be, and if you don’t feel like doing a thing you would have the routine telling you exactly what you should be doing instead of feeling bad for yourself—this becomes a pusher.

However, the highest advantage of making a routine is that you will be able to keep your life in motion. What most people do during the time of depression is that they turn their way around the world and sink into their own dark world that depletes them of their lives. When they do so they don’t think of the future, they don’t understand that it is a phase that goes away in two months, a year, a couple of years, or maybe ten years, but it goes away. When you follow a routine and keep your life in motion, and when the phase is over, you see your whole life just as it was before the depression hit you, and with the new fresh mind you can carry on with your life just where you left it off. But if you don’t keep your life in motion and get drifted away, maybe too far away, it becomes hard for you to put your life back together when the fog clears.

Depression is a vague and deadly illness that can’t be treated by others for you, you have to step up yourself and take the charge to turn your life around. When you make the routine, push yourself to follow it through even if you don’t feel like getting out of your bed—just keep pushing. In two months, a year, a couple of years, or maybe in ten years in life, you might be amazed to think how wrong you are right now.

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  1. Thanks    for accepting and following my blog.

    I’m available to read your post at my convenient time.

    You have such an interesting topic I will love to read in
    your blog.

    I still remain  the simple blogger…..

    Peace ✌and Love ❤

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    1. I think so. I became a shut in for about a year, I used to go out very rarely, once I went an entire month without a bath because getting out of the bed seemed so pointless. I wasn’t medically diagnosed with depression, but it’s funny how I felt in those days.


      1. I wouldn’t call it funny either. I mean when I think about the way I feel now and the way I felt then, it feels funny to me how little I understood things.

        As for the reason, I am not so sure, it happened abruptly.

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  2. This is an excellent post. After having depression for half my life, and attending therapy for four years, I’ve only just been able to get into a healthy routine. It really does make a big difference, and I like the way that you expressed it – when the depression clears (for a while, anyway), you still have a life to go back to. I spent much too long in a dark pit with nothing to come back to when I finally felt better. I enjoyed reading this – looking forward to reading more of your work.

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  3. Well written. I agree. I suffer with depression and you are absolutely right, you need to make a routine or just be distracted by something that you forget what you were even upset about.

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  4. Thanks for this article! It’s nice to find more people with the same advocacy on mental health through starting a conversation. I delivered a speech to college students last Saturday. It’s titled ‘The situation is a lot more nuanced than that: A meditation on mental health through Crazy ex-girlfriend.’ I decided to post a four-part lecture on it on my WordPress page.
    Here is the second part:
    Meanwhile, here’s the first part:
    Thank you for reading my posts and I hope that you give me thoughts on my speech. Follow me too. Be well!

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    1. Hmm.. Thank you very much for your comment! As I know right-brained people are more emotional and creative. If you mean regarding that, then I think as a right-brained person you need to make a slot in your routine to give yourself enough time to let your emotions out in some creative way, i.e., paint, write, make music, or whatever is your interest. This should lift your mood up without breaking the flow of your routine.

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  5. I agree with this post. I have app called Timetune, which I use to create a routine everyday. Creating a routine is good like you said, becuase if I don’t have a routine then I end up doing nothing, and I feel like shit. Whereas with a routine, I know what I’m going to do and can just get on with it.

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  6. FINE means “Frankly, I Need Everything.” But we don’t know how to ask. Learn how to ask for even a simple thing. It will help you connect to another person. And show a little vulnerability. And when you can, do a simple thing for someone else. It will build a connection too.
    Welcome!! To DailyBiblePrayer.wordpress. May God bless you with encouragement, direction and protection as you grow in your relationship with Him through the scriptures and spending time in prayer!
    Be sure to click on the scriptures at the bottom to read and see what God will share with you personally!
    God bless your week.

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  7. Such an inspiring post, indeed everyone must try it once in their lifetime. If you feel the same when you get low marks or fail in any respective exam in your life then do visit and read the below mentioned blog which emphasize the importance of Marks, result in one’s life. I am sure after reading this you will feel better.

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  8. Awesome post! Sometimes it’s hard to even create a routine, and with kids it’s so much harder! I know that I would do so much better with a routine. I don’t have one in place but I do keep a notepad with me and write a list of all the things I want to do or need to get done and cross them off one by one and it really helps with getting the motivation! If you could, please check out my blog. I just recently started a new blog about my experience with depression and anxiety. Thanks in advance!

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  9. I also wrote an article on depression, it’s called ‘looking through a glass’ I really hope you check it out 😥. And let me know if I said the right things

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  10. Another idea that helps me a lot to avoid falling into the darkness of depression is the concept of not relying to only one source for happiness or validation. If we stake our whole existence on one thing like marriage or a career our whole life collapses when we lose that only things. We’d better rely on a wide range of things for fulfillment such that we minimize the risk of falling into despair

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    1. Yes sure, I agree with you. At the beginning of the article I have said depression hit everyone differently, I understand that. A routine might be helpful to some, not so helpful to some, it will vary. However, some physical activity do help us feel a bit better during depression, it improves our nerve-cell connection. Just some random exercise for about half an hour everyday should be enough to lift the moods a bit, but if physical exercise is not possible for you when you are depressed, I think pushing yourself to do the required chores might effect the same.

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      1. I’m sorry, I was tired. There is a part of me that comes out when I’m overwhelmed. It says and does things I have no control over. Like an angry child. I have managed to keep it cool mostly through my therapist. But, unfortunately she takes the reigns sometimes. It was late, my kids needed dinner, and I needed a smoke. Because I just woke from a nap I didn’t realize she was present. I also picked a fight with my boyfriend. I’m glad you are strong. Thank you for responding kindly. I’m sorry and will delete my comment.

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  11. Your post is great and has been written with a lot of thought, I see. But I would like to still add a few points if you don’t mind. I am currently suffering from depression and I do understand that a daily routine is an important aspect in ones life if he or she is suffering from a depressive disorder but one thing that is the most important for anyone to actually cure his or her depression is the change of mindset and the need of slow beginnings. During depression, at a severe stage, a persons thoughts may reach the point where they might think in a more self destructive way and it can cause extreme harm to the person who is thinking that way, if possible I would like you to write a blog about that and share your ideas on what to do (there is something known as drawing a butterfly wherever the person wants to harm themselves, you cannot check that out )

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  12. What you wrote is indeed a confirmation that I am suffering from depression. My only outlet is blogging and reading blogs of others. Aside from that, I just stay on bed the whole time with no daily routine.

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      1. It runs in the family ( maternal side). I have relatives who died of depression. It got worse when my dog died recently. It has been 8 days with no activities. I hope I’ll get through it.

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  13. A lovely read. Clinical depression is not nice, and I sympathise with anyone trying to combat it. The advice you’ve offered is good, and the replies to your comments are friendly and encouraging. Keep your chin up, speak soon.


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