A world without money: Is it possible?

Some people will tell you that money is not everything, you can’t buy happiness with money, money is the root of all evil, money will never be bigger than family, money is this, money is that, but if money is that invaluable and bad, why is it the only medium of exchange accepted by the entire world? And why is it the only language most people seem to understand properly? No matter what you consider, money will always win the debate—money is what runs the world. But I’m not here to take the side of money, I’m against it. This post is related to a post I made a few weeks ago about the trap money has gotten us into, if you haven’t read that article, click here.

In this post I’m going to share an idea to eliminate the concept of money and create a new world of oneness where no one will be under anyone or under any kind of pressure in order to be a respected individual of the society. In this new world, everyone will be able to live their lives in whatever the way they feel like.


Step 01 – Reject the concept of money: The first step that we need to take toward this new world is rejection of the concept of money. Money is just some pieces of paper that have value because we’ve given them the value, if we can give them the value, we can take it back too.

Step 02 – Put humanity first: After rejecting the concept of money, we would need a replacement of money in order to carry on with the exchanges, but, what if we don’t make any replacement? For the second step, all we need to understand is that we all are human beings and we all are in this together, and we have to live on with our lives together, so why not make humanity the drive instead of money?

Step 03 – Build customary systems: In the third step, every village, town, city, maybe an entire country needs to come up with a system that will allow the people who want to contribute to the society do what they want to do, i.e., if someone learned science and want to do some research for the betterment of the world, they’d be allowed to do so at their own leisure, if someone wants to work in a factory to produce goods that can be used by others, they’d be allowed to do so at their own will, if someone wants to help people get the goods they’d have the goods stored in some stores in reach of the people, if someone is a musician or some artist then they won’t be pressurised to study the things that they don’t care about, instead, they’d be allowed to pursue their passion no questions asked.

In this system, nobody will own anything and nobody will be under anyone, the individuals will decide in what ways they want to contribute to the society. And everything that we have created or will create, will be available to anyone who needs them—goods will be made and given away for nothing. There will be no wastage of resources because there will be no production of unnecessary products that are created in our current world for the sake of making money only. In the new world, only the things that matter will be produced, and when someone is unable to do their duty, they would be replaced by someone who would be willing to take the place, not for money, but to serve humanity. In this world, even if someone who doesn’t want to do a thing will be accepted positively. Kids from an early age will be taught to learn and think, not to run a race they can’t even comprehend, this will help them to figure themselves and the world out.

Our current world is controlled by money because of the insecurities that we people have. We think we can’t be a man of value without money, we think we won’t be respected without money, we think we’d have no power without money, we think we won’t be able to help anyone without money, we think we need all the money in the world to make the best of our lives, and all these insecurities give birth to a war for more and more possession of money, which in the end, sways us way further from humanity. Instead of giving so much value to an imaginary system, if we can connect to our roots that make us human, we would be able to create a better and a peaceful world. It will take time, it sure won’t be easy, but if we can actually eliminate this evil, we will be able to live our lives to the fullest for real.

137 thoughts on “A world without money: Is it possible?

    1. Thank you very much for your comment. I am aware of the barter system—this idea is a bit different. Unlike the barter system that is about equal exchange, this idea is about providing others with what they need even if we don’t get anything in exchange or even if what we provide them or what they provide us is not equal—the exchange must go on. This idea is not based on a form of trade, but to encourage humanity.

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      1. I got every points of yours…it’s about encouragement of humanity and spread of humanity….what was I told you was the second side of coin….
        If seen in the reality grounds what you are saying is all will be possible in only a dream world not in real….

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      2. rashidual I never meant to disappoint or discourage or disagree or denying your thoughts or never meant to hurt your good thoughts… I just only put what came in my mind… that’s it… hope you never mind… Thanks and Regards….

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  1. I love the concept of a world without money. Yet, I see it would be difficult to convince people to do the “dirty jobs” without a sense of recompensation. Let’s say it’s not money, but something else. Then that “something else” will replace the money. Maybe a good way of making money less “evil” is limiting ones’ use of money, and the rest is for helping others? Love the concept of spreading love and thinking less about money! We should all grow together, and use money as a tool to help others.

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  2. I love the concepts behind this, and I wonder whether we might be able to hone in on some of the ideologies with this while still maintaining the money systems we have in place. Whatever happens, putting humanity first is the best way to be able to have a more fair and just world. Those who have money, however, aren’t all about this concept (generally speaking). Thanks for presenting some neat ideas for us to think about!

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  3. Indigenism has a very similar take. Our relationships are the driver of trade because our relationships to the lands, waters, plants, animals, insects and humans around us and next to us and next to those of us next to us effects our well being also. I suspect most Indigenous peoples are rooted in this as we all had no money prior to colonialism by one empire or another.
    *before anyone bothers to say wampum was money, it wasn’t and there’s to much to explain that here. It wasn’t. It was about good relationships though.

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  4. Are we assuming under your new system that the concept of evil then does not exist in the human psyche? Those who are born evil will always choose the nefarious course no matter if money or not exists,

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    1. Yes.. thank you for the input.. people like that will always be there no matter what kind of society we create.. that is why we will always need law enforcers to handle those people.. we can try, but as you say, we can’t totally wipe out evil from humankind.

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  5. This is very interesting. I too am hopeful that we’ll see a better world as you’ve described. This reminds me of what I’ve read in the Bible about God’s Kingdom. It’s something many of us pray for everyday (Matthew 6:9,10) but Isaiah and the Apostle John describe it in Isaiah chapter 65:21-23 and in Revelation 21:3,4. I have faith that God will soon bring about a change and at that time money will be of no value.

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  6. I love the sentiment behind this post and if that town, village or city ever gets built then sign me up!, unfortunately money has become a necessary evil, not in and of itself but rather the token that it represents, we have all been taught that we need to progress in life and progression is the acquisition of material objects, so when we have a talent, trade or ability that has a resale value we tend to provide that to the highest bidder in order to further our own lives, I fear that the re-education of a global population is an impossible feat and that is what would be required to achieve a true equal state.

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    1. Thank you very much for referring me your post. I gave it a read and found it very interesting. The scenario you have in your mind might become possible in the age of machines, but I don’t think humans will adapt to it. Good read though.

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