Is teenage love highly overrated?

First of all, if you are a teenager, you have absolutely no idea what the real world is like, you have absolutely no idea how to survive in the real world, and yet you are so desperate to find the love of your life to spend your entire life with, you insane? There is a time for everything and you should be mature enough to understand that. When you are a teenager you don’t have to worry about a single thing in life because you have your parents to provide for you. You think life is all about having fun and everything is easy-peasy, until life slaps you in the face. Your parents sure care for you but they won’t be there beside you for the rest of your life, you’d have to take your own stand someday, and the sooner you learn the better.

When you’re young, your only priority in life must be learning to prepare yourself for the real world, which is really tough to survive in. Make sure you understand it from the very young age so that when life actually slaps you in the face, you are prepared and don’t get hurt much. But what does this life slapping you in the face mean you ask me?

It is when out of the blue you are made aware or you become aware of the meanness of the world. You have your parents to look after you so you don’t understand that nobody will care a single bit if you can’t take care of yourself. Except for your parents, nobody cares about you like that. You will be fun to be with until your parents keep providing for you, but when they stop, what are you going to do after that? No one should be taken for granted, even your parents.

You think you are young and you should be loved or should love someone as they show on TV, but that is fake. You will never understand love if you don’t understand yourself first. Don’t be in a hurry, prepare yourself. Read, learn, think positive, observe the world, make deductions, strengthen your bonds with your friends and family, so that when life comes to slap you in the face, you don’t feel a thing.

The common complain of people your age is that you are not understood, but you should understand that it is hard for adults to treat you right because you are not a kid anymore but you are not an adult either, it is very confusing. That’s why you can’t expect adults to understand you and treat you the way you want to be treated—you have to carry yourself up by yourself—it is the only way. However, the way you decide to carry yourself up is not right either.

As I said it is confusing because you are between the age of a child and an adult, you need to make your mind up how you want to be seen—as a child, or as an adult? Given the choice you would definitely consider yourself to be an adult—why be a child after all? And to prove that you are an adult, you begin copying the adults. You do as they do, you talk as they do, you dress as they do, you try to live as they do. But the thing that makes you so vulnerable, is that, you think by just copying the adults, you would become an adult. It doesn’t happen like that. Adults do as they do, talk as they talk, dress as they dress, live their life as they live, because of various reasons. A many thing happened in their lives that made them be the way they are. But are you aware of that? Just copying the adults won’t make you an adult.

If you really want to be perceived as an adult then instead of copying them try to learn or figure out why do they do the things they do, why do they talk the way they talk, why do they dress the way they dress, why do they live the way they live—keep filling the gap of knowledge. The more you become aware of the adult life and you keep bringing down the gap, the more adult you become. Adulthood is not about what is in the outside, it is about what is in the inside. Don’t get your heart broken, don’t get depressed over the things that don’t matter at your age. Focus on building yourself first. If you get through your teenage years with a big smile, you will keep smiling for the rest of your life. And don’t worry about love, it finds you one way or the other.


107 thoughts on “Is teenage love highly overrated?

  1. Wow! It is a combination of testosterone and lust. As long as there is no permanent pregnancy or disease I say go for it! Romance is underrated. Trust me, I’m nearly 81 years old and I’m in love! And lust…life is to be lived.

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  2. Yup wise advise to all teenagers since they forget that their parents did alots of sacrifices just to make them succesful in their life but they went to the wrong jugements resulting in ruin of their life. Great post..😁😁😁😁

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